Soooooooo...this new Hasbro 6" scale snowspeeder

In the review he shrugs the cloudy canopy glass off as "It's cold on Hoth", but all the screen shots I've been able to find the glass is clear 95% of the time.

Does it look like the clear parts can be removed easily or is it likely to be a PITA (glued between the inner and outer canopy shell)?

Going for a fully lit cockpit with the clear parts as is will almost certainly take away from the speeder, unless it was going to be posed with the canopy open all the time IMO.
I'm at work right now, so I don't have mine in front of me, but I'm pretty sure the entire canopy is just one piece of plastic with the white painted onto it. The windows aren't coming out without being cut out, each one piece by piece.

But don't quote me on that until I get home to look at it.
Yeah, it's just one piece of plastic with paint on the outside. The windows were cloudy on mine...but i don't hate it. It does look like the glass is fogged up!
Surely there's a way to use super fine sandpaper, and some polishing compound or Pledge Clear and make the windows clear again right?
I would say no. I believe the cloudiness is intentional and not something that started out clear and can be buffed out.
Regarding the seatbelts, mine close easily with both figures seated.
I love this thing.
soooo.... anyone tried taking the bottom off this thing?
I wanted to install lighting into the cockpit and removed all the screws from underneath but its fastened really well somehow to the engine section at the back and i can't see how to get it off easily without breaking something. I imagine its a couple of tabs that clip in somewhere but can't figure where they are. :unsure:
I think the cloudy canopy is a result of needing to have the plastic soft enough that it doesn’t break when it is “played with” (if any actual kids get their hands on this instead of modellers buying them all up! ). Just a guess though. I doubt it could be polished. I could try dipping in pledge as that sometimes works wonders.
As mentioned, the whole canopy is a single piece of cloudy transparent plastic, with the frame painted on the outside, so replacing the windows likely means cutting each one out with a tiny razor saw and replacing it with acrylic.

however...I’m now thinking about taking some measurements and 3D printing the canopy frame. In theory that would be less work, but in practice my 3D modelling skills are rudimentary. If I do manage to get a decent 3D model made I’ll post a link to the stl file. Don’t hold your breath though!
I'm 99% sure the studio model had no glass in it. ILM had issues with any glass cockpits reflecting blue screen light amongst other things... so all of the models had no glass in them. The only exception I can think of is Slave 1... SO removing the glazing form the toy would make it more accurate to the studio mode if not more accurate to a real speeder :)

Jedi Dade
Bear in mind the plastic's very flexible (is this vinyl ?). The canopy is all one piece so if you do cut out the windows it's going to need some reinforcement to prevent warping over time.
I know its not accurate to the studio model but I actually like the foggy glass look.
I've had mine sitting on the shelf for a few weeks now. I just can't seem to get up the nerve to try to dismantle this thing.
I bit the bullet and picked one of these up. This will be my poor mans closest thing to studio scale model size Snowspeeder.

It really is a fantastic piece.
Dak sitting in back looks pretty cool, so looking forward to adding the Luke figure soon too.

I got the Luke figure at the same time. Didn't want to wind up in a spot where Luke becomes hard to find or something at a reasonable price

I have bad luck when it comes to waiting. So many times I see stuff, and it is a decent price, but I figure I'll wait, then it seems just when I am ready to buy, things are out of stock and now only offered by people doubling or tripling the price
I have my preorder in for 'Snowspeeder Luke'. He hasn't been released here in Aus yet (due Sept). Glad I preordered the snowspeeder, it was sold out in the first few days of release here.
If anyone is on the fence about buying this......DO IT! I found an open box for $100 shipped on ebay and it just showed up. OMG what a fantastic piece. Ill do a slight repaint but in all honesty, they did a great job at the factory. Just needs some panels repainted and some weathering to make it pop.
Repaint as of now. More to go and the windows need to go adios.

That's looking really good!! Did you take it apart to work on it or just tape it off? How did you keep the red lettering and stripes?

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