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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by captainhappy, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. captainhappy

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    Greetings all, I have been working on a Vader costume for years now and I'm surprised at how it never seems to be complete:) I thought I had finished it 2 years ago but have recently become displeased with some of the key parts. I am ready to give it an overhall and I've found some neat pieces on ebay but I am unfamiliar with the sellers. Could some of you kind costuming enthusiast give me some insight as to what it is like dealing with these sellers and maybe some personal stories? I have been interested in the following: TK510, Portumac, sithplanet. Thanks in advance:)
  2. anakin

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    I've only dealt with Randy from Sithplanet from your list. He's a good guy - always replies to your e-mails and is very friendly. I would have no troubles recommending him and his gear.
  3. KevVader

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    I've dealt with all 3 sellers in the everything as advertised and on time....
  4. Boba Frett

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    I second that :)
  5. saber_holder

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  6. Al May

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    I have delt with Manuel (Portumac) and randy (Sith Planet) both are great guys and can realy be helpful,Randy in particular always delivers to me in the u.k.within 5 working days and can lay his hand on anything that you need.
  7. darth_manu

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    i dealt with sithplanet (randy)
    if you are getting any fiberglass parts, ask him to wrap it up good
    before putting the plastic packing materials, 2 items i got , had the patterns and marks of the plastic over it, and i can't seem to remove it.
  8. captainhappy

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    Thanks all for the input. I shall put it to good use. I really like the shoulder armor that I've been seeing lately from Portumac and sithplanet.
  9. Darth Kahnt

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    I have dealt with TK510. Excellent gloves and very fast service.

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