Limited Run SOLO: Sabacc deck (new run)


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Hey so I was wondering (you probably had this in your original post but I can't find it), What material are the cards made out of? Also do you know the dimensions? (thickness, length, etc.)

Thanks for the quick responses btw


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Money Sent for 1 Deck, I too got taken by the etsy seller from Australia. At least I was refunded, but it left me without a Sabacc deck for my Mandalorian armor.


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Many people have asked for another run, but the amount of orders is very low at the moment.


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I think there were a few people who have had a bad experience with that etsy seller over his sabacc...

I just want to verify that my payment from paypal was recieved? email and user name should be the same as my username here.


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Ah TB-7021 I had been waiting for this order for a long time...
Just a question, what mean "Please, double check if your shipping address is attached to the payment. "?


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Xander85, pretty sure he's referring to the fact that your transaction on paypal should have your shipping address.

Does anyone know where I could acquire a set of dice? Also what do people like to use as betting chips?