Sniffer and half-dome help needed Mini Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters in progress


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Hi everyone!
I’m totally new here, this is my second post ever (my first being in the introduction thread)!

I’m currently turning my toddler’s Little Tikes Cozy Coupe into a Mini Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. At first I was planning on doing something super simple, but then I found Code 3 Garage’s page about Ecto and… there was no turning back LOL! I decided then and there Mini Ecto-1 would have as much stuff as I could fabricate on time for Halloween!

I’ve figured out most of the parts, but I would appreciate your help with the sniffer and half-dome dish. While I know how to make these, I’d love to make them move too! That would mean a back and forth swivel for the sniffer and a full 360 degrees rotation for the dish.

Would you have any idea how to make that happen?

Keep in mind:
- I’m building at about 19% scale. The ASR-5 is going to be 6” and I’m actually cheating, because it should be 4” wide! So anything that gets fitted in there needs to be tiny and powered by AA or 9V batteries
- I have very little knowledge of circuits, wiring, electricity, etc., though I’m trying to step up my game here. Please explain everything to me as if I’m a 5 YO, so I can understand

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