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Originally posted by cobywan@Jan 14 2006, 07:16 AM
None were shipped if that isn't obvious.  If one was than a dozen would have been.

It's over once everyone gets thier money back.

In his post over at the Starship boards....he said " have as of this moment, decided to cancel the Galactic shuttle model kit. All customers who had ordered one and had not yet taken delivery (except 6 who paid via IMO) should have a notification from Paypal that a refund has been issued to them."

"Not yet taken delivery" thats what I thought meant some had shipped.


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I happen to be one of theose people that paid via Internation postal money order. I have emailed him but have not heard back yet.

As for Alfred masters... I agree they are not 100% but they do make a pretty fair approximation of the real deal... and for the price that they WERE going for - they were a great deal. For several hundreds as now seems the price a lot of his kits are fetching I'd expect it to be perfectly accurate.

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Originally posted by moffeaton@Jan 14 2006, 12:51 AM
NO offense intended with what I'm about to say, but Alfred does a "close enough for the casual fan" job on every master he makes, and has admitted as much. There's plenty of people that'd be satisfied with that, but I want what I saw on the screen. The Wong shuttle master is NOT a studio scale shuttle - and it's only "kind of" accurate.

There are so many things you'd have to tweak that it'd be easier to start from scratch. My plate is WAY full right now with things I'm currently making and have promised to make and help out on, but there have been talks... and I think masters could be made for a kit, relatively realistically priced and accurately built, within a calendar year. Kit could roll out in early to mid 2007.

I'm willing to wait, help the knowledgable studio scale guys join forces and see a BIGA55 Galactica Shuttle from accurate molds. I've talked to a few of you already about this, and am thinking that once we're done our current builds and masters, we can do this justice. I've got a bunch of donor kits for this thing already...

Well, you can chalk me up as a "casual fan".

Long story short: I thought the shuttle pattern was truly groovy. I wanted a copy in a major league way. Jonesin' for a Colonial Shuttle... that's me. I thought Alfred did a arse-kickin' job.

When I show off a piece to anyone BUT one of you folks, I could tell them that it was originally built with popsicle sticks and elmer's glue and that my replica is EXACTLY the same and not a single one of them would know the difference. Truly.

Of course, I wouldn't lie about the accuracy. I don't lie on purpose. But nobody I'll ever have visit my basement workshop will ever look at anything on the shelf and declare it unfit as a replica because of detail innaccuracy. They just don't know the difference.

Do I work for accuracy when I build? Of course. But my acceptance level of innaccuracy has a pretty fluid sliding scale.

Get what you pay for? You bet. The pre-order price is what got me to order it in the first place. If a super screen-accurate kit came out tomorrow for twice the price, I just wouldn't be able to afford it. That's my end of this equation.

Not trying to poo-poo you fellas who are into the absolute accuracy. I think that's admirable as well. I'm just not on that particular bus.



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Did someone say ACCURATE Galactica Shuttle replicas?



DEADLY accurate. Completed models only, no kits, email for details.


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They are the proper scale. And proper detail. In fact, you can NOT get any closer unless you own the real one :rolleyes

Chris, as soon as the other house is sold...........................................................


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The only thing about that choice is this is ACCURATE to the T. Wong's is, shall we say, mostly Wong :angel

All things considdered the price is pretty fair considdering all the work that went into this and the painting is dead on. I have seen one of these in person and I can tell you it is rock solid and just is neat to be around.

Ask about the dead on Viper :cry

I need my other house to sell then..................... :love



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Originally posted by Mycroft Holmes@Jan 18 2006, 12:44 AM
They are the proper scale. And proper detail. In fact, you can NOT get any closer unless you own the real one :rolleyes

Chris, as soon as the other house is sold...........................................................


Proper scale huh.

Well that doesn't really answer my question seeing as I have
no clue what the original models scale was. Have a size that
the people who don't know what the orignal scale it was, could
understand? 18" long 24" long? bigger, smaller? etc..... Thanks.

It is a nice looking model but limited info and responces makes it
hard to spark ones interest. B)
Those are truly gorgeous... but the need to be able ot transport myself to and from work wins out.

Yes... I got a new engine for the car.

Beautiful, tho. Wouldn't expect anything less from a CJP approved item.

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