sleeping in chain mail


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Hi there fellow RPF folks.
I am not sure where to normally post something like this so forgive me if it should be moved.

I have a YouTube channel and am always guilty of blatant self-promotion and my latest video is something I thought RPFers (is that even the right term?) might get a chuckle out of.

I don't have much costuming stuff on my channel yet (mostly gaming, anime, food and Star Wars) but I hope to add more along those lines in future.

Anyway, hope you enjoy my chain mail video. I didn't make the armor myself, I'm not as skilled as all of you, but I appreciate the work that must have gone into it especially considering I bought it in the 80's.

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Once way back when I was 16 or so, I ended up crashing in a maile shirt, though I had nothing on under it. I ended up with chainbruises. :(
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