Slave 1 photogrammetry tests


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Wow exellent work Thorst! Id be really interested what you can do with the B since Guy and I are working on one now.


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Beautiful work, sir! Really nice.

Photogrammetry is a very powerful tool when one can't have tactile access to the miniature. As you know, the photography issues are a real challenge. Exposure, depth of field, shutter speed and covering the angles...very tricky in the context of an exhibit show.

Once you've shot your images, you throw them into the software, choose appropriate settings/solve parameters and cross your fingers, to a large extent. At the end of the day, it's not an exact solution, but something to start with and build upon.

Looking forward to seeing more!




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Well, there are a lot more things you can tweek at the photogrammetry stage than I thought at first. For example, the solves of the A-Wing and the SD seemed to be a disaster at first, but when you understand the problems, you can try to resolve them.

In the case of the A-Wing I had the problem that some angles were missing/the pictures were blurry, and the result were two separate models for the right and left side. I managed to work around it by inserting pictures with both the A-Wing and the Slave 1 on it and a bunch of Slave 1 pictures of which I have more than enough, and with which a connection could be found between both sides.

In the case of the Star Destroyer, the problem is that on both sides there are illuminated text panels which look to be the same. The software bites into these parts of the picture because the contrast is very high there and the quality of the features found is good, but the result is that both sides of the model are reconstructed overlapping, such that the text panel(s) is optimized. I now try to insert the pictures in a sequence which does not allow this behaviour, if this does not help, I'll just paint over the text in all pictures of one side.

So there is a lot you can tweak apart from the software parameters themselves!



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While the tech is way over my head, I'll be following this in hopes we get a model of the Slave 1. Such a cool ship, and the details you're getting are fantastic. Great work!
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