'SkekAyuk the Gourmand', glutton Skeksis hand puppet from 'The Dark Crystal'


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Just wanted to share a new little project I've started on, its a hand puppet (latex) of the glutton Skeksis, seen in the movie 'The Dark Crystal'. I found this reference image of him here on the web and also got a few blurry screengrabs from the DVD of him.


This is how the sculpt is looking after about 4 hours work. I plan on doing a plaster Mould and then casting out a latex version. I will post more updates here as I make progress.
Thanks for looking!
20180902222945_IMG_6532.JPG 20180902222848_IMG_6523.JPG 20180902222629_IMG_6518.JPG


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hey guys,
this puppet has taken a bit of a back seat as I aim to finish Fifth element stuff for Halloween, however I have successfully cast out a latex copy of the sculpt and I am pretty happy with the result. due to the simple shape of the head, I was insane enough to attempt a seamless one piece mould, and it turned out great. it as difficult getting the clay out of the plaster mould around the nose area, but with soapy water it eventually came out.
Linked here is a little gif showing a movement test

View attachment 20181009225315_IMG_6680.JPG
hope you like!

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