dark crystal

  1. RevChumley

    Aughra from The Dark Crystal sculpt and silicone mask (now with finished pics)

    ***EDIT*** Couple of Finished pics up top so you dont have to scroll to the end. ****EDIT**** back to your regularly scheduled WIP thread ** DragonCon is coming up, so time to get started on this years project. My girlfriend requested I do the sculpt for her Aughra costume. So it has...
  2. Jediknightandy

    'SkekAyuk the Gourmand', glutton Skeksis hand puppet from 'The Dark Crystal'

    Just wanted to share a new little project I've started on, its a hand puppet (latex) of the glutton Skeksis, seen in the movie 'The Dark Crystal'. I found this reference image of him here on the web and also got a few blurry screengrabs from the DVD of him. This is how the sculpt is looking...
  3. E

    Firca, from the Dark Crystal

    Heya folks, with a prequel to The Dark Crystal coming to Netflix, and my son (not a Zelda fan, honest) asking about real ocarinas, I thought I would ask around here. I've found a non-playing resin replica of a "firca", the name given to Jenn's "double flute", and like most things I seem to try...
  4. The Schlitzie

    Dark Crystal Skeksis costume/ update 3/23/14

    Hey RPF'ers, I'm tackling my first full fledged costume from scratch. A Skeksis from Dark Crystal! CURRENT STATUS PIC OF THE BUILD: (I apologize for the messy 4 year old's corner of the house that the pics were taken, but he's helping me on this one :wacko ) I started with a ALICE frame and...
  5. Nwerke

    Dark Crystal - itself

    Guys/girls, has anyone ever seen the original Dark Crystal prop? Not the shards, the main crystal itself. Was it ever on display, are there any UNpublished pics around the net, are there any good replicas around, etc etc? I have the World of the Dark Crystal art book and the Making of book, I...