KEATON BATMAN model kit from The Flash (2023)


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Greetings fellow RPFers!

My pop recently started sculpting a Michael Keaton statue from the upcoming Flash movie so I thought I'd share progress pics as it develops. He says it'll end up being somewhere around 15 inches or so when it's completed. Super psyched as Keaton has always been my favorite Batman and I know his as well (he was a huge collector back in the 90s and sculpted Nicholson's Joker as well). We grew up watching the '89 movie and Returns and it's going to be really freaking cool seeing him back in action. The current likenesses I've seen of the statues and toys of this rendition haven't been perfect, so hopefully he's able to do him justice. Here are a few shots from when he started to current. It's only been a couple of days so far but he's moving right along on it. Wish there was some more reference of the suit but I'm sure more will become available as the movie nears. The pose is up for debate as well. I like the stoic stance with the cape fluttering out behind him, but we'll see what happens!





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