1:1 HBO Tales From The Crypt Cryptkeeper That I Did A Repaint On & Fixed The Hair


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I had this life sized animatronic HBO Cryptkeeper forever and decided to upgrade him by repainting him and fixing his awful hair.
I also made a fullsized HBO chair and have a Tales From The Crypt book I put on his lap.
Great show and fantasctic EC comics calssic storeis.

hbo cryptkeeper repaint monte burns 3.jpg
hbo cryptkeeper repaint monte burns.jpg
hbo cryptkeeper repaint monte burns 2.jpg
Here is a pic of the chair and book.
They are in a awful location with piss poor lighting.

I may get tech optics tomake me a high quality set of blue eyes in the future.
crypt hbo chair 2.jpg
crypt hbo chair.jpg

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