Silicone Problem (Too old?)

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    Hi guys,

    I have a 3/4 month old batch of Oomoo that I had sitting around waiting to be used. Well, I had a part I wanted to mold and I grabbed it to use. I made sure that when I closed up the container, that I should close it super tight and store it in a dry, cool place. I've only used silicone once before.

    Well, I just poured the silicone and I think it's too old. Part A (pink) was really thick. I had to wait a minute before the stuff actually got into the cup. I shook part B (Blue) and that seemed to be okay, although I noticed quite a few tiny air bubbles coming to the surface. Again, it was a while ago that used the stuff, so I don't remember the exact characteristics of the components.

    Anyways, I mixed the parts, and the color turned normal and I did the two cup pour and mix method to ensure the parts were fully combined. The problem was that the the stuff was still really thick...There's quite a bit of material in the cup and it didn't have a smooth consistency like the first time I poured the silicone onto an object.

    So, nevertheless, I need to more silicone. Should I wait for the stuff to cure and peal it off and start over with new box of Oomoo? Or can I pour the new batch over the old?


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