Shining, The


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Great photo!

I had it printed to give as a gift to a gal I know (along with some formatted "All work and no play..." sheets). She loved it!


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You're welcome.

Now that it's on Blu-Ray, if anyone can post 1080p caps I can make an even better composite. Jack wouldn't be any clearer since he's already hi-res from that closeup, but the crowd should improve a bit.


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Here's another for the thread! From my Favorite Horror movie. :D
I figured somebody may be able to make use of it.

I finished this a while ago, but for some reason haven't had it printed yet. This one still needs the white border around the edge as well.

I read that 8x10 is about the right size for printing. :thumbsup



Anyone want to give the other ballroom pictures a shot? The ones surrounding the main one at the end of the movie.