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Hey Shawshank Fans, this is my first post to the RPF. I just wanted to share my collection of Shawshank replica props to date. I've noticed there aren't a whole lot of recent posts. Hopefully, this will renew some love for what I consider the greatest movie ever made.

Let me know if you need details on identifying any of the props or if you have more information you would like to share. This has been quite a treasure hunt, driven by my love for the movie and just a way to connect to it.

I noticed there was a recent build of the rock hammer; would like to know if any of those are still available somehow. Other than that, would like a Rosewood Bourbon bottle, replica rock carvings and replica of the Daily Bugle. I don't have them stuffed down the front of my pants right now, I'm sorry to say, but I'll get them.

From my horrible pictures; Rita Hayworth Gilda poster, Randall Stephens BC, deposit form, DL and SS card (thanks Kurtyboy), Bering Imperials cigar box, Bensons candy tin and contents (Andy's letter to Red, envelopes - thanks again Kurtyboy, $50 prop bills), Andy's postcard to Red (Kurtyboy), Archie's Pal Jughead #9 comic, Shawshank prison guard patch, Rosewood Bourbon label, Kiffe Lensatic compass, Bandmaster Blues harmonica box, Honer MarineBand harmonica, Stroh's beer bottle, Le Nozze di Figaro album, Hank Williams 24 Greatest Hits album, library books (Fix Your Chevrolet, The Count of Monte Crisco ("It's Christo you dumbsh*t"), Treasure Island and Soap Carving booklet), King James Bible and Warden Norton's framed cross stich.

I hope my pics are attached; I hope I spelled most of the words correctly...I hope.



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In the Junk Yard under "project runs", just search Shawshank Redemption - Andy's Chess Pieces
And there is a run of those happening, as well as the hammer project which you should still be able to order I believe.
Nice collection! Do you have some more information about the Le nozze di Figaro? Year, edition, company etc.?

EDIT: Look and you shall find! Recorded circa 1950; LP issued on the Certa label (and manufactured in the USA by Capitol Records) in 1951, right?
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Thanks Emma! Nice rock hammer and Bible!

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Thanks Rich! I'll see if they are still taking orders.
Thanks Anders!

There really isn't much information on the cover or on the LPs. It is the Cetra-Soria series; recorded in Italy, Pressed in the U.S.A., distributed by Soria Sales, Inc. There isn't any mention of Capitol Records. From what I could find online, it looks like 1951 seems to be accurate for the year recorded, although I've seen references to 195x, as the exact date isn't known at some of the sites I visited.

On the LPs it states the Orchestra and Chorus of Radio Italiana, Conducted by Fernando Previtali.

Sorry I couldn't be a bigger help, but it seems like you are on it. I didn't realize that it was common back then not to have dates on LPs.
Nice collection. I'm making a small start with simply the Benson's tin and contents. I have two accurate tins and am working on contents. The letter is a full 8.5x11 sheet, correct? Was planning to use a linen stock or at least something nicer than standard printer paper. Black ink or blue? The $50 bills look like modern ones rather that accurate for the period (mid 60s). Are they series 1990? Thanks.
I believe 1995 on the bills, and good on you for having two accurate tins, I spent well over a year getting my first one. And Kurtyboy has an excellent collection of box contents (short of the bills) that should still be available on Ebay, if not elsewhere. My next step up was to get a nice slab of obsidian to display my stuff on :)

edit- haha scratch 1995, movie came out in '94... but I remember someone here mentioning 90's however long ago.
I'm also looking to buy and trade props from Shawshank. I've always got a few items in the Junkyard, and there are a bunch of things I still need to post there.
Bills are not like coins with a new issue coming out each year. The series date refers to the year that design was first printed. Series 1990 bills would first be printed in 1990 and continue printing until a design change. The Shawshank bills are signed by Villalpando and Brady, making them series 1990 for $50 notes.

"Villalpando-Brady: 1988A $1, $5, $10, and $20 Federal Reserve Notes, 1990 $10, $20, $50, and $100 Federal Reserve Notes."
Here's a comparison, screencap to my replicas. Same series and serial number and only showing what you see in the film to avoid counterfeit issues.
The manilla envelope for the cash, 3.5" x 6.5"? I haven't checked Office Depot yet, but Uline sells them, 500 to a case! That will give me 498 extras? Hopefully they are available in smaller quantities in the store? And how about the plastic bag? I was simply going to use the gallon Ziploc bags and slice off the zipper area. Is there a better option?
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I believe 1995 on the bills, and good on you for having two accurate tins, I spent well over a year getting my first one.

It was a long time searching and waiting. There are so many versions with different shapes and slightly different pictures. The correct shape and picture with the hinged top is rare. My first I found at an online antique store in Canada and paid too much for it. But it's in beautiful condition. The second was eBay a couple weeks back, lot less $$ and it's pretty beat up, but that's probably more screen accurate overall.
Oh, I know. I have one right now that I would almost give away, but it's unhinged. (otherwise correct).

Next up, the bible. A lot of people like saying they have the correct one. Ssdesigner is the only person I've ever met that knew which bible was right; he's also the only guy I know that can identify it from the first page.

The bible used was a National (issued) Bible, 1944, KJV National bible. It was not a red letter, meaning it did not have the word of god tinted (or the page edges).

The easiest way I've ever found to identify the proper bible..... Look at three things.....

The bible (and this is the biggest one) will have a capitol B on the printed front for the second B. As in, BiBLE, not Bible. That is, without a doubt, the easiest sell.
There's more stuff, but start there :)
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Thanks J. The tin contents I ordered from Kurtyboy. Correct, 8.5 x 11 on the letter, black ink. I like your $50 bills; the closest I could find are 1985 props. Also, correct on the money envelope, 3.5 x 6.5.

Thanks collectionaire. For my collection, it's probably been about 4 years since I started the hunt for items. Almost all items purchased via ebay. I do have a few extra items if anybody is interested. Two extra Bering Imperial boxes (small tears on both) and an extra Bible.
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