The Hobbit- Dorwinion Wine Replica


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I've always wanted a version of the Dorwinion wine given out as crew gifts for Desolation of Smaug, and never really expected to have an original as the price keeps soaring into the thousands. I had done research looking for a suitable bottle, and finally pulled the trigger and built a stand for it. I haven't done wax sealing before but I did want to attempt to replicate the Mirkwood seal on the label as best as I could.
There are great themed wax seals on Etsy, but nothing close enough to work. I was thinking about drawing up the logo and sending it to a customized wax seal company, but they tend to have very specific designs and only customizable lettering.
If anyone knows of a place that can do this semi-affordably it would be appreciated, or I was leaning towards trying to 3D print a custom stamp- it just feels like it might get messy


I would suggest you try modeling a 3D example. Sealing wax is not normally hot enough to remelt the plastic. You can test this youself by using your thumb as a "stamp". But you might add a layer of paint to protect the surface. Once you have a design you like there are services which can print your design in metal.
Bit of an anti climactic turn here as I ended up going to Michael's to pick up sealing wax, and found a really nice perfect sized olive branch stamp that is close enough for me, just missing the M in the middle but its so small I don't even mind. Here's the finished product- turned out better than I had expected it to.

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