Shadow of Mordor Sauron references


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So There's almost no clear pictures of the game's version of Sauron, even though he looks awesome. I thought we should start collecting the better ones here, so if someone wants to embark on making a costume replica of it, they know where to start.

The big problem is, there's almost no occasion of him not being blurry. Half of the time it's because he's in a memory, other half is ring-power stuff and flames and darkness.

The best representation I could find was from 'The Gorthaur' (Sauron was renamed way back when to Gorthaur the Cruel.) which is a statue of him holding men on a leash of chains.

These are the best that I have, I probably will come back and put some more in. I'm trying to draw some of the parts, when I figure them out properly, that might help, you know, just line-work to follow without any shadows and textures.

Your contributions are more than welcome!

p.s.: It's a great sodding game. Go and play it.

Edit: Went ingame, started up the The Bright Lord DLC, cranked everything up to Ultra (my PC was so slow it took me forever to navigate the camera) and played around in Photo Mode:

First and foremost: I edited out his hand and cleared his mace of anything problematic, enjoy.

The rest is in an Imgur album:


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