Shadow Mark 4 Project WIP Gesso Hybrid


Yeah another Iron Man Mark IV and another first timer. . So after all the inspiriation here at the RPF I'm starting my first project. First of all I want to thank Robo3867 for the pep files and Stealth for the Foam Modifications and break dancing Iron man.... Graphic Jordan, and Project earth, Jowe and finhead and Coofunky for their inspiration. Ive done a ton of googling on materials for my build and In the end due to supply limitations I found some alternatives that have been tested before but never on foam armour as I know of......mods ;).
I used micro closed cell foam used for shoe orthotics. The stuff is amazing not only is it Thermo Moldable extremely dense and lightweight its non porous so doesnt absorb too. So here is my material list.....Im going to post my updates as soon as they are completed I will share everything so that I can get some feedback thats the point no?

1) Plastazote/Polyethelyne hybrid orthotic 5mm, 3.5mm, 2mm.
2) A good strrong Hair dryer about 2500 watts.
2) Foam Shears and extremely sharp scissors.
3) Exacto Knife and a ton of blades you might as well stock up your going to have to make a few shop runs better spend your time building.
4) 45 degree foam cutter and a cutting mat
5) Contact adhesive just less messy then the glue gun plus when I used the heat dryer doesnt melt.
6) DIY Rivet eyelet gun
7) Velcro and eleastic bands
8) Coffee or Ritalin this project takes focus!
9) Band AIds and burn creme Damn those glue guns!!!!!!!
10) Gesso Primer the cheap stuff
11) Sandable Gesso..I found Golden is good but if you find one that is really thick like gel its even better!
12) Aguaplast for drywall 3mm flex rating mixture of fiberglass and paper and gooey stuff...dries opaque and hard like year old gum on the bottom of a dennys dinning table
13) Red Primer, Yellow Primer, Brass metallic spray, and Toyota Barcelona red b which is a little darker recommended by blackdynamo in his tutorial
14) 100 grit sandpaper, 250, 400 and 800 wet sand

I want all the criticism i can get and tips and techs so I can improve and if anyone has any questions you can PM me or post and Ill get back to you.
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Re: Shadow Mark 4 Project

So starting with the Gauntlets....took me a while to figure out why I wasnt getting the results I wanted. If you notice on the pep files by Robo and Foam Edit by stealth there is pieces missing on the palm causing the bottom of the finger attachemts from the back to the lower palm to misalign. I extended those pieces by free hand and works beautifully. Ill post pics later of the master templates I created after I do the last polishing up...
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Re: Shadow Mark 4 Project

well done man... well done:):thumbsup

If this is how the gauntlet looked like, what more with the rest of the suit... i can only guess - PERFECT!!!

Re: Shadow Mark 4 Project

heres the back of the gauntlet Its full enclosed I used elastic band from a bandage to give it some give fits great with a bare hand even better with a cotton glove, you could say it fits like a glove!:thumbsup
Re: Shadow Mark 4 Project

Ok took a break from the fingers on the hunt for electrical conduit....found some great material to fill the gaps on the forearms pics will be posted in a few. Thanks for all pm comments stealth and ProjectEarth see ya in the next post
Right Forearm before cleanup

Not my cleanest work to date unfortunatly but just wanted some feed back. Evidently this foam can be sanded with a fine grain so gave it a shot and rounded out some edges. I plan on getting some latex calk and filling in the gaps and sanding that I heard it works....keep ya posted
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Re: Shadow Mark 4 Project of those "going all out builds"

I can already tell.

keep it up man. It will be great for sure.
Re: Shadow Mark 4 Project

a little update. here is the forearm done and bicep. I first printed the forearm then sized it to mine, decreased the scale by 10%, did the same for the bicep but left the inner armor of the bicep at full scale to fill up the gaps. I like the way graphic jordan did his so tried to emulate it as well. Next the addition to the bicep for the thing I can recommend is working with the small parts first till you get the right touch such as the fingers. This will give you some experience without F*@#@ too large of pieces and wasting foam. Scale, its a must you want that proportional look but also to fit nice and snug thats the point no? Pep Viewer has default 10% increase or decrease try to print out the pieces tape them together and get a rough fit keep doing this till you get it snug but able to wear something underneath and for your electronics....ohhh one last thing im using surgical scalpels they come in many different shapes and I experiment with different types for every different piece plus they are super cheap and sharp as it gets. Till the next update rock on my foam warriors
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Re: Shadow Mark 4 Project WIP

Really excellent work Shadow. With your permission I will be examining your Palm/Glove armor very closely! That is a piece to my suit that I have not been happy with. Keep at this man, You will be very happy with your finished product!
Re: Shadow Mark 4 Project WIP

zach I took me a few tries to get the palm right with the help of Project earth and His brother I got it almost to my liking. Check out his thread he is also doing a run if Im not mistaken....
The fingers are done with the warmachine files and the final is just right and much easier and looks accurate. The way we both did it to print the files and combine pieces with tape to make a completed template. On the palm you have to adopt a three layer thinking process. Lay out all the palm pieces forget the details concentrate on the outline of the piece. Once you lay down all the pieces you get a palm plate per say. Cut that out and then layer the details I used 3mm and then 2mm for the second layers. What happens when you do this is the knuckles which have the repulser details become one with the piece and once you assemble it takes shape. Me and PE's brother are crazy about perfection and one way to do this is to think ahead and combine then template less joins the more clean it looks..if you need the files PM me good luck
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Re: Shadow Mark 4 Project WIP

Hey everyone got the chest done up pics soon....any one have ideas on how i can coat and correct details on the foam such as bondo Im just looking for a way to fill the gaps and soften some angles out...cheers
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Re: Shadow Mark 4 Project WIP

Chest piece up now that I have an Idea of the symetry on to the shoulders then back then legs and electronics then a twist Ive been thinking about doing
Re: Shadow Mark 4 Project WIP

Came into this thread expecting a Shadow build! Great work none the less! I'm curious about the elbow detail. Can you tell me what that is?
Re: Shadow Mark 4 Project WIP

cheers man..appreciate the compliment Its a bath matt that you buy by the meter costs about 2 bucks a meter :thumbsup
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