Seeking a 1/24 tie interceptor pilot?


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Hi, I am looking for a 1/24 tie interceptor or tie fighter pilot. I just received the Ed Holt tie interceptor. Thanks! Mike


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I have a couple of the ILM pilots I believe were used in x-wings, y-wings, and tie fighters. I am not going to use them. Not sure what they used in the tie interceptor, but if it will work for you, let me know.


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I think those pilots will look to big,..the studio scale tie's are +/- 1/18 scale and not 1/24 scale.
correct me if i am wrong


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Yeah the ilm pilots are 1/24 scaled but in this 1/24 scaled tie-interceptor they will look slightly too big i think.
Alfred wong ,who mastered the Ed Hold tie-interceptor, has his own interpretations about what is called studio scale/size or what is not.
I also think that is why it is sold as 1/24 instead of studio scale.
Studio scale Tie's have indeed 1/24 scale pilots so in a way you could say the ss Tie is 1/24 scale
I think in this case 1/24 scale tie-interceptor doesn't represent/mean studio scale 1/24 and i think this Tie is compaired to studio scale 1/24 smaller(more 75%sh studio scale:wacko)
Maybe the scale difference goes unnoticable,..but i think a 1/35 pilot will look better in this tie-interceptor


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All the TIEs, standard, Darth Vader and interceptor all used the same ball/body and the same pilot. The TIE Bomber of course was much smaller, about half the size and had no pilot.


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Am I correct that the ILM pilot is from the Airfix 1/24 Harrier? What you need is a similar pilot from a 1/32 kit, almost any jet would do as long as the pose and gear is similar. Then rework the head to match.