Sebastian Shaw Vader head ( digital for 3D printing )


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Impressive work. Spot on. 3D is the way to go.


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I never understood the age they landed on for Anakin in ROTJ.

Shaw looked to be bordering on 70 years old but Anakin couldn’t have been older than his mid to late 40’s at the time.
Officially, Anakin Skywalker was 45 at the time of of his redemption and death: Shaw was 77 at the time of filming.

While they hired a much older actor so the unmaksed Anakin would appear weaker than his depicted age, there was a general consensus until the mid-90s that the Clone Wars and rise of the Empire occurred about 10-15 years earlier than established by the Prequel Trilogy (and were also separate events), and so characters such as Anakin and Obi-Wan were also older than they were in the films: before the prequels, IIRC, Anakin died sometime in his 50s or 60s.
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I'm fascinated with the sculpture you made,
Where can I send to print one or do you plan to put some for sale?
or some trade ? ;)


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Ack, I hate it when real life gets in the way of stuff I'd much rather be doing. A little bit of an update in that I'm working on a paint test on the smaller test head.

The surface is pretty rough, but bear in mind that when this is 1:1 scale things should be a lot finer.



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Thanks for the encouragement people. Quick visual summary of where I am with this project:

Unfortunately due to a MASSIVE life event (not bad, "just" moving countries, US>UK), I won't be able to get back to this for quite some time.

What I'll do however is prep the file and upload it somewhere, would *love* to see what you guys do with it. Just need a little bit of time to optimize the model and make a little readme, upload it somewhere, all that stuff. Next couple of days hopefully. But don't feel shy about pestering me If it slips off my radar, I have some fairly large fish to fry.....