Sealab Reissue


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This was posted at the yahoo space modeler group:
Hey guys, Pete at Atlantis Models asked me to post this here to see if there is any interest in a reissue of the Aurora Sealab kit.

Atlantis Toy and Hobby Inc.
9 Connor Lane Unit G
Deer Park, NY 11729

Our phone is 631-499-6733 and fax 631-499-6735

Email us at

A further post:
Who would like to see this kit on Kickstarter? We would need to raise at least 30k to get it done all new tooling and exact replica of the original. This means like the gladiators it would take 600 people to commit to buying the kit at lets say a $50.00 to $75.00 retail price. This is all rough but if we can get support for it we would consider it. Your thoughts are welcome.

Have at it.


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I've been bugging Jamie at Round2 for years to do this - they did the P&L and said no one would pay $50 for the kit. I disagree - and hope this works for us!!


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Does this mean if I donate $50 on Kickstarter and it reaches the $30K goal, then I get a Sealab model kit? Sounds good to me.


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I would also do a couple of kits. Some of the tamiya kits I've been collecting for my SD build are roughly 50 euros each or $66 each.


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As hinted at above, you'd get folks going in for multiples who have an interest in the kit as we understand its usefulness around here... but outside of that? If this offshoot of the hobby is enough to get a kit going, hells yeah! But afraid they may want a larger target to shoot for, even at a kickstarter level... in theory though, this'd be a hell of a way to get some kits, hit a top 40 list so to speak, back around to folks, providing all the particulars are sorted (crosses fingers, dusts off KS passwords, hopes to recall which of his Aurora kits are stored, which are in next room...) :) Excellent idea all around though, and daring to dream!


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While I have one vintage kit already, I'd prefer not to have to do a bunch of part molds for my ANH Falcon.

I'd be in for at least 6 kits...

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