Sci-Fi Models Snub-Nose PKD

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Birdie, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Birdie

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    I keep seeing this on Ebay. Is this a recast of the Doppelganger Snub, or has Recastin' Rob just recast the idea?
  2. Mr_Creepy

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    At ASAP, he's said it's mastered from a Hartford and his masters. The grip area does look difffrent, and the kit looks like it's mainly vac-formed--no idea if that's a plus or negative. It could be legit, but given past history, who knows.

    Would be nice if someone could do a side by side comparison and get a definite answer :unsure
  3. rayra

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    lol, no bias there. nosirree. Just an innocent question.
  4. Noeland

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    Looks to me like he used mostly hartford parts very modified, no LED package to speak of.

    The odd thing is, Hartford is currently developing a stubby of thier own. Looks nothing like this though. Still, an odd bit of synergy.

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