Saturn V

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by PHArchivist, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. PHArchivist

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    I'm sure a lot of us have this kit for spare parts for Studio Scale models.

    I decided a long while back to build it out, and here it is...

    There is all sorts of "wrong" on this, in terms of both accuracy and build quality. But I set a specific "bar" for what I wanted, and pretty much hit it, opting not to super-detail the kit due to its size..




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  2. ozzyguanche

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    PHArchivist, not only do you have some great building skills you also have a knack for photographs. I always like the way you photograph your models. Realistic and definately not static.

    Nice build.

  3. Scratchy

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    That's a fine collection of Nebulon B, TIE Bomber, Escape Pod and Millennium Falcon parts organized into an iconic spacecraft from human space exploration!

    Very nice work!
  4. PHArchivist

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    Thanks... Yeah I tried to get mostly the true sky behind the model, and tried to get the "looking up" perspective" fairly well.

    Ha! Well stated!
  5. jedimaster

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    Looks great man, I'm gonna tackle my 1/96 soon.
  6. Nwerke

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    I think he's got some Y-wing, Sandcrawler and Mon Cal cruiser parts in there too. And, seconded. :)
  7. TazMan2000

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    What the heck? A Saturn V model that wasn't used for kitbashing? Unheard of! LOL

    Nice build. Is that the Airfix or the Revell?

  8. MooCriket

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    I've always loved the classics. Very refreshing to see this. Great job.
  9. PHArchivist

    PHArchivist Master Member

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    Thank you, kind sir! Looking back on the images, I almost wish I had spect a bit more time on her.
  10. James Kenobi 1138

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    Wow, great looking kit !
  11. Daemon324

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    To quote McLean Stevenson:
  12. JMChladek

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    Well, what he did was kit bashing. But he just bashed the parts together in a manner originally intended. ;)

    Very nice model. I assume it is the Airfix kit (new one by the look of the Apollo CSM top side). The photography against a blue sky is indeed very well done.
  13. jonny5j

    jonny5j New Member

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    Nice model just started this myself

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