Sanding tools


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I have been using my Dremel to sand and shape plastic, but the SLOWEST setting (as I'm sure you know, will melt the plastic. I was think that one of those cheap Wal-mart $20 battery powered manicure kits might do the trick. I seriously doubt the rpms are fast enough to melt. Anyone tried one of these or have an alternative suggestion?

I also need to sand fine details (1/8" and smaller). What can I use for areas like this?


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I always use a Proxxon, I never really liked the dremel because of the high rpm's
and I use the European version of this one

Precision drill/grinder
FBS 115/E
MICROMOT POWERTOOLS--hand held powertools 115V

it has e adjustable speed knob and really works well with plastics,
and the head can hold everything from 0.5 to 3.2 mm diameter.

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