Saint Seiya Pep Files (Updating)

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    Hi everyone! Im totally new in this comunity, first post here! Hope you like it~
    I dont se pepakura to do my projects, i only use it as a Really Good 3d reference for my cosplays SO i dont unfold the files, only separate the entire armor to diferent pieces to make easier for me (and now for all of you) to making patters, as a reference and even to unfolded it!
    If Someone Wanted to unfold the files an upload i will add that files to the post

    Let The Post Begin!

    GEMINI Gold Saint
    -Shin guard

    AQUARIUS Gold Saint

    -Boot cover

    -Pauldron (UPDATING)


    Ill be update very soon with other armors!
    I have ALL The SS armor files to every saint in the anime/manga and i will upload every file for you, but if you have any request ill do that armor first ;)
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