League Of Legends DARIUS Files


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Hello everyone!
When one of my frinds says to me "I need help with my cosplay project" i recomended to search here but it says "there is no LoL threads or files" so i decided to share with this community some files that i have in my pc.
The files are extracted by the 3d Raw Model of Riot Games, so maybe some details are lose Like the skulls in the axe (Like the skulls in the axe that are not clearly defined) and a litle armor piece under the pauldron (That not exist in this model) because is not the in game models.
It needs to be unfolded, because i work with pepakura only as a 3d Good reference of the cosplay.

Here is a link to the folder in 4shared.
It conains:

I Hope you like, if someone has the time and wanted to unfold the files I uploaded for a better read of the post. And if someone wanted to ask for some other LoL champ files just ask me ;)
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