New 300 Spartan pepakura files


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Here r some files that i modeled in 3D,im a beginer so be kind whit the critics.

The files r unfolded by me as wel...just for print and pep...fore those who dont like my unfolds maby the do a better job and post them here.
Pics and wip r well recibed here so others can see how it turns up!
As u can notice the files dosent have all the details...thats when a dremmel tool comes in handy to carve details desierd

Helmet -


Buckle -


Sword -


Shield -



I made the v2 of the helmet,because some unacurate things like jaw to long,neck guard crappy shape and a little change of the dome..
And it came up like this ....
The papper unfold is specialy made for Battybat fore his project :)))))

Helmet v2 papper -
Helmet v2 Foam -


Leonidas helmet -


Forearms -


It is not unfolded just an obj file,i will unfold ASAP and change the link to the unfolded file...
Untill then have funn unfolding this one...
And whait fore the bonus files abit till i get to spain and acomodate me and my family...and il get to work on them files!

Shins -


These r the bonus files and the other files all togeder for scaling propertly

All Armor -

Thanks guys for the suport...

The files r free so u can do what u wish with them!Like Bernie Mac R.I.P. sayed - I Dont Give A Muck!!! :) :) :) :)
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Those look great to me! I'd be excited to see you finish them. A 300 costume had always been on my list. At the very least the helmet. A pepakura version would be very slick. Sometimes it takes a while for a thread to gain visibility


Your work is great Sisqo..I allready have the helmet file since you shared it on an old thread of mine,but the buckle is nice too and well welcomed by me.Sharing the files you create is very nice,and i find it very generous of you.Right now i am still working on my iron man project but when i am done with it i will definately give spartans armor a try,so,thanks for files and keep it coming.!!!!!!!!!(y)thumbsup:thumbsup 300-captain-leonidas-and-stelios-xxl.jpg d3325e828e5c9c05a2591141c08a339a.jpg
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Ohooo u guys really know to motivate a person....
That is what i wanted a little push to carry on!
So thanks Chris_S & Trooper150!

Let me know what models u wish to see...i normally looking to do something that no one is doing..
I finished the shield and the sword,i gonna share them ASAP.and still got left to do the Shinguards and the forearms....

By the way excuse the errors that i might do in writing, i never studied english...i Learned from movies and music!
P.S. - Next project i think is Bram Stoker Dracula armour (The Red Wolf)


By Bram Stoker Dracula armour (The Red Wolf) you mean that 4f12c37e61981869d31736eb1fd758c9.jpg ?????? Its really cool!!!!Can't wait to see this one coming!!Thanks for the shield and sword also!! The files are great.I tried once for a week or two to create my own files with Blender but it didn't turned out well.I couldn't make it to unfolding stage!!I would love to see any models from (old or new)Robocop helmet.Best regards!!!:thumbsup


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Exactly that one.
I think of a model without the muscle lines,just a flat one with the same shape!And adding the lines with a dremmel tool after.
I think is better this way so that the file would be pep friendly!

As the ideea of a robo helmet i think i might give it a try,and open a new thread when i will got a file done!But i think that the best way to make a robo helmet to look good is pepping the top part of enny file on the net that allready exist and the lower part cast ur face then sculpt the lower part,then cast again!

Not decided yet what to do next,i have to finish the Spartan thing and then i will see what's next.

Thanks for ideeas...keep shoting at me whit new ideeas and i will see what i can do!
Keep in mind that whe need files that doesn't exist.And ref photos r helping me to,just to have an ideea of what im looking for!

I need to start on the shins of the spartan...hope to find some good pics and start modeling

Seeya guys


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They look top notch Sisqo, kudos for giving them away. I play for a baseball team here in the north east of England called the Spartans and I want to make a helmet as a bit of a team promotional thingummy, but with baseball stitching around it like our cap badge (see pic). My limitations are immediately apparent though as I can't seem to figure out how to get your pep file without doing something that will send my pc at work into a bit of a fit (they're pretty big on security here). Is there any chance it could be pm'd? Or I could give you my address if you'd be so kind as to send it on?
I know, I'm a pain/noob/nincompoop, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Spartan helmet.jpg


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i sended u a pm so that u can explain exactly what problem u have

Maby whe find a way to solve this!

Cheers mate ;)


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Hi guys

Thanks Trooper
Not all the ideeas r mine but hope that helps others!

Im working on the helmet to convert it to Leonidas helmet....then the forearms and shins!
A litle bit difficult now whit the plans of going back to spain!

But will se something soon :)


So,you did it.Leonidas helmet file is available.I have allready one file of this helmet,but i must admit,i like your file better.Many thanks for once again.Outstanding work.:thumbsupCan't wait for forearms and shins!!!!:D


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U r right Trooper!,the goal i achived.But i cant stop like a drug,i have to make more and have that filling again!!!!!

Right now im working on them vambraces.....almost finished,some detail left to do and is ready to unfold and share ;)
i dont know how they gonna look when weared because of the anatomy of the body but is something.....i guess after some body makes them and wear them and then complain aobout something.
I make the v2 whithout the errors :))))))

So just a little bit and i finish


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Some of you might laugh,but i searched google for leonidas helmet pepakura files and i sowed my files....and i feel proud of my work....
Cant erase the smile on my face :))))))))
I think im getting good at this,my confidence is incrased by 200% :))))))

Almost finished with the forearms vambrace armguards or what they call this things :))))))
It feels good when u make something to be proud of!

See ya
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Thats the spirit.!!!!!!Believe me the files are too good for a beginner,and much better than others.:thumbsup The pieces gonna fit just fine.You have allmost created the hole suit of spartans here and you deserve congratulations for this. Hell_Yeah_12.41.05.jpg keep the great job!!!!!


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This is quite cool. As soon as I carve out my own 6-pack, I'll be all over these ;)

I'll probably give the helmet a go regardless when I finish up my current list.

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