"Please don't let the Vampire's guts ruin my good Tunic" - Trevor Belmont (Netflix)


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What's up guys!

I haven't been around in such a long time that I thought of making a brand new account. But I remembered my log in! (Hooray!)

Now before we get into it, I just want to say that, yes, I already know there are a bunch of continuity issues with the Netflix series. Yes, I get it that hard core Castlevania fans that don't like the series will probably try to kick me in the balls.


However! I don't rightly care at this point, it's what introduced me to Castlevania, I love it, continuity issues and all, and Trevor's costume is reeeeaallyy nice. So why not cosplay him?

Quick update on myself (because the last time I was here was years ago, literally).

  • I have discovered/come out as Transgender (apparently not that big a surprise for my boyfriend and close friends) (ftm so male pronouns please)
  • I have put on some weight so I'm not going to be dorito chip Trevor (alas) Unfortunately
  • I haven't gone to a con since my first one waaaayy back (what was that? 2014???) So I don't have a con in mind for this, I just wanted to get started with it.

That being said! Let's get on with it!

First up is the breakdown of the costume itself (there's going to be a lot of pictures fair warning). A lot of these pieces are probably going to be bought/found and then altered depending on what I need it to do.

The main bits of this thing are as follows:

  • Tunic (Including strappy things to hold the cape on)
  • Cape/Cloak (His giant ass rug on his back!)
  • Pants (Self explanatory)
  • Sash like flairy waist cape thing (Yes that's a technical term)
  • Boots (Also self explanatory)
  • Gauntlets (These are gonna be funnnn)
  • Weapons!
  • The Whip!

Here come the pictures!

Tunic first:
b0813b0776ec55dff721cb26e9040a8b2fd9ad58_hq.jpg tumblr_oswdeh6f221vf493xo4_500.png crest.png tumblr_p5o19upqil1rt24iso4_1280.png

So far, I've been trying to see if I could find a tunic on Amazon that was similar enough to make it work. However, apparently there really is no such thing as a grey tunic that's already pre built. So I'm going to have to sew it.

Here comes the tough (ish) part. In theory I know how to sew one of these... I've never tried it before, and I've never had to make my own pattern (Which is what I'll more than likely have to do with this one). If anyone has any patterns/knows of any patterns that would work out just fine, please feel free to drop them down in the thread and I'll go and check them out (The easier it is on me the easier this build will be!)

As for the Crest, I've already got a pretty simple plan for that. I'll be taking the reference image (the one on the right on the top row ↑ ), changing it to it's nice shiny bright yellow (like in the second reference picture). Making two sizes and then just doing an Iron on Transfer for the front and the back. (I've done this a million times with t-shirts, not going to be any different).

For the back of the tunic, (aka the fancy bit that helps hold the cloak on) I feel like it's supposed to be leather. However, as this is the middle of June and there's going to be a giant ass cloak on top of all this. I think I can get away with a cotton blend of some kind. Possibly. If not, then I'll look into pleather or faux leather because of price and time and I am not sitting there futzing with a giant piece of leather if I don't have to.

Cape/Cloak (The Giant Rug!):

(Okay so 90% of my reference pictures I have for the back of the cape are gifs and I don't want to load up the thread with those, so I'll post the actual pictures I have and go from there)

images.jpg download.jpg

The cloak shows up in almost all of my references anyways, when in regards to the front. Thankfully it's actually pretty simple as to how the clasps work! The big old leather/armor fancy pieces on the tunic actually help hold on the cloak. The way I plan on doing it, is sewing on magnets on the cloak and on the big leather patches/straps so that way it holds on well and (should keyword is should) lay properly.

The edge of the cloak is "torn/slashed" so all I'm going to do is when I go to make it, I'll take the end of the cloak and attack it with scissors! Then hem the ends as best as possible so it doesn't come undone.

As for the fluff, I'm planning on probably getting this off of Amazon (Only 2x3 ft. because I am a short dude that's only about 5'5" on a good day). And i'll just sew that onto the cloak and we'll be good to go! (Hopefully, I'll figure this out more when I sew it).

Pants and Boots are pretty self explanatory, All I need to do for the boots is to attach some craft fur to the tops of them to make them fluffy like Trevor's. I'm probably going to go with black boots instead of a matching grey, just because the way the lighting is in the shots, sometimes his boots look grey, and sometimes they look black. Black is way easier to find, so black it will be.

Sash Like Flairy Waist Cape Thing:
teleport.png nnudocqnogxkwynxk8uc.jpg castle-1005169-1280x0.jpg 6a00d83452033569e201b7c90998b4970b.png tenor.png

Honestly I don't even know if there's a technical term for it cause it's not a battle skirt. Upon closer inspection of the pictures, it appears to be just a half-moon like shape of fabric held up by his wide belt. (Which is most likely a sash/wide type belt. Hell there might be multiple belts). Should be easy enough. Fold a piece of fabric in half, cut out the shape, sew along the edges for a seam, tuck into belt.


For the gauntlets I'm not exactly sure how it's going to work. My original thought was to take something like this that I found on Amazon and simply attach craft fur to the edges. Upon closer inspection, it appears that it's a full wrap gauntlet not a vambrace. So I might just have to fenagle it a bit or I could simply go with the idea I had and make it work, maybe with a panel. Or it might be fine with the sleeve being what shows under the laces. I'm not entirely sure I'll get back to this.

Weapons and other gear:

Trevor has a decent amount of weapons on him. Short sword, at least 4 knives on his chest, at least one boot knife, and the whip. For con sake, unless I actually find a shot where you see the top of his knife sticking out of his boot, I'll just "pretend" it's there to make things easier. (The last time I tried to have a knife stuck to my leg it didn't work out at all, and it kept falling off. It was horrible and I wound up just leaving it home after that. Nobody noticed and it made life easier).

He also has a couple of pouches that are attached to his sword belt which should be fairly simple, little bit of sewing and attach them right on. Remember how I was saying he has multiple belts? Well I figured it out. Looks like the Red sashy thing is held up by the thicker brown belt (Probably can sew it to it just to make sure it doesn't fall) and the pouches and scabbard for his sword are attached to the same belt, ergo the sword belt. easy peasy. This is also the belt that holds the whip.

The knives (as seen in this repeat ref picture, my apologies), are basically really similar to a Kunai knife or the Shanghai Shadow that Cold Steel sells. Sorta.


If you enlarge the picture, you'll see the style of knife I'm talking about. Unfortunately it looks like Cold Steel doesn't sell a Shanghai Shadow Trainer. However, I should be able to find something similar in a trainer on Amazon (gods bless amazon holy crap they have everything). Worst Case scenario, I look for a few cheap Kunai trainers and cut the round ends off. He has four of these total, two on each side, sheathes attached to the leather straps. (I might cheat with the sheathes and do nylon.... I'm not sure. I may have to modernize it just a bit in order to get the damn things to stay in their sheathes, but we'll see).

Short sword shouldn't be too much of a problem. The good news is, it's just a typical short sword. Bad news? It's a typical short sword and there are hundreds of them out there. Which means that I'm probably going to have to make it if I can't find something simple enough that isn't live steel. Worse news? I've never made a sword before. (Tutorials please if you have them!)

And finally:

The Whip:

Yes, the famed "Vampire Killer" Obviously this iteration if it is that of a leather bullwhip instead of the classic chain whip. Please note that this might actually have a build thread of its own once I get started with it. Part of me wants to just buy a whip, but I know that's going to be hella expensive and I'm probably not going to find anything close to the whip from the show without spending an arm and a leg. Also i wouldn't want to put the crest on a whip that I bought unless it wasn't that much and a good quality whip isn't cheap.


See? Yup crest. And some gold accents too. I'll definitely be getting into this more, later. (As in way later).

So that's about it for this right now. If you guys have any patterns, tips, tutorials, etc. you'd like to share with me as I go, feel free to drop them in the replies to this thread! I'll try to keep this updated as best as possible as I go along. Right now I'm really just trying to set up my shopping list for Amazon and figure out what I can get and what I have to build and go from there.