Rubies Darth vader deluxe mod-guide?


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I was wondering if there is a complete guide with pictures and descriptions on how to mod a rubies darth vader deluxe helmet into a ESB helmet?

I have been told a lot about the flaws on this helmet but not a lot on how to fix them.

I hope you can help me out.

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Depending on how much you want to mod it, you can look at this guys. He went all out

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In my eyes, these are the most important things:
1. Fix the dome mount. The stock Rubies has the dome sitting too high and back on the facemask. There are various ways to do this. I cut mine off entirely and riveted a skateboard helmet to the back. The dome sits on it perfectly.

2. Lenses. The stock rubies are front mounted where as the real ones were back mounted. This requires adding some material, plastic, apoxie sculpt, bondo, ect, to get the right shape.

3. Nose. The stock rubies has a plastic insert as the silver piece. Some people keep in intact and fill the small gap around it, others take it out and build up the thickness around the nose.

4. Paint job. The two tone grey and black paint scheme makes the helmet look a lot better.

To me, those are the major ones. Other ones are replacing the metal tusks, grill mesh, squaring off the vent grill.
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