ROTS Vader Mask Interior


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Hello all,
I think it would be great if we could identify all or as many of these parts as we can. I know a couple things have been identified and quite a few things seem to come from hard drives but I put this together to try to organize it. Please offer the info that you have and I will plug it in.

MY MOTIVATION: Who else has a vader mask around that they are not going to do anything with? Either it is a bad sculpt or you have a cheep store version. wouldn't it be great to display the inside of the mask and throw the face aginst the wall! What a concept :confused . you could have a switch where, when you turn it on the eyes are back lit and you get that capaciter charging sound and that first breath.

Thanks Wackychimp

For the lower mask, this thread has been started:
Lets get all our eyes on both!!!!!!

Additional and higher res pics here:
Thanks TK7602

4-Hard drive reader fingers;Model: western digital 102ba
5-Hard drive reader arms (Model?) (not confirmed)
7-Toolbox drawer liner
8-Hard drive reader fingers; IBM 9 GB SCSI
9-Hard drive reader arms (Model?) (not confirmed)
10-Tamiya 1/35 scale 20mm Flackvierling 38 (part #2)
14-Tank treads;tamiya panzer kampfwagen iv(not confirmed)
16-Molex pins(not confirmed)
18-Tamiya 1/35 scale 20mm Flackvierling 38 (part #11)
19-Tamiya 1/35 scale 20mm Flackvierling 38 (part #1)
20-Tamiya 1/35 scale 20mm Flackvierling 38 (part #8)
21-Leaf Switch
22-Wire loom (not confirmed)
23- Tamiya 1/35 scale 20mm Flackvierling 38 (part #?)

Thanks guys!
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I wish i could help i woundn't mind seeing or making a vader helmet with an interior, if all the parts are identified, i'd try my hand at making it...but time and money are two things hard to come buy. But on one note i have no idea how one could make the lenses that dark red and still be able to see, unless it is just for display or, have extra pop in lenses, when your no wearing it, but having a helmet like that i could not see how you would not lay in bed or on a table and have some one lower the helmet on your face like the movie :D

Boba Flint

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I belive #10 is from the Tamiya 1/35 scale 20mm Flackvierling 38.

I'll check when I get home from work.


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Lesternessman- I can't believe I missed that. Anyhow it definetally died quick. I am really hopping to keep this going....the more you fill in the more it will encourage people to finish it.

Already Boba Flint thinks he has IDed a peice that wasn't in that thread. Boba let me know and I will put it on the list.

My theroy on #17 is that it is the gasket on the hard drive. I took apart 10 hard drives this weekend all different but none the correct one. The gaskets in them were simmiliar.


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on 13 there is a solder lug.
9 and 5 are hard drive reader arms.
above the eyes are molex pins.
the mouth area looks to be from a slot load cd or dvd player, the internal parts of the motor spindal housing.

Baron Fel

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Originally posted by Boba Flint@Jan 24 2006, 10:42 AM
I belive #10 is from the Tamiya 1/35 scale 20mm Flackvierling 38.

I'll check when I get home from work.
I'll 2nd that. looks just like mine.



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Nice guys. Pics would go along way to verify. I can't find #10 in the Tamiya 1/35 scale 20mm Flackvierling 38 pictures. However I believe #16 are the feet on that model. Can someone Confirm?

WTFJEDI-I thought #9 and #5 were hard drive readers but didn't see them in the models I took apart. I will add them to the list with a "MODEL?". I am not sure what/where you are refering to "above the eyes are molex pins." When you say mouth area do you refer to the #10 area discluding the part the line is drawn to, that has been claimed to be part of the gun model or including it?

Houston Robocop

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Great, I haven't even started on my ROTJ vader Revealed mask yet :cry

Now here's another that prop I must build for my collection :D



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Boba Flint, Fantastic job man..... WAY TO GO...

Houston Robocop, Hearing you say that with such frustration is HILARIOUS to me. I have multiple projects going and I promised myself(and my wife) That I wouldn't start anything new until I finished some. THEN MY COMPANY GOES AND THROWS OUT A BUNCH OF HARD DRIVES.. Imediatley the image of my DP sitting on my work bench doing nothing flashes through my head and I am sucked in.

Also I realize that there were other threads discussing this. They seamed to die out and I thought the numbered pic might be a brand of orginization that showed the goal and finish line. I appologize If I steped on another thread...Just want the same result. This thread as already yeilded fantastic results, I couldn't be happier. Keep it up guys.

At the risk of sounding like a pain and in an effort to make the list more complete. Can you "Tamiya 1/35 scale 20mm Flackvierling 38" guys give the part number from the model? Thanks, Ben


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Just to get the juices flowing:

Number 1 reminds me of this spoon we have:

and Number 11 reminds me of this common part in the hard drives I took apart, I know this is incorrect but could be the like part on the hard drive model used here.

Thanks Wackychimp

Boba Flint

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Originally posted by Darthmagpie@Jan 24 2006, 07:36 PM

At the risk of sounding like a pain and in an effort to make the list more complete.  Can you "Tamiya 1/35 scale 20mm Flackvierling 38" guys give the part number from the model?  Thanks, Ben

Some people are so picky..... :p :p

10- part #2
18- part#11
19- Part# 1
20- part#8


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Anyone got a source for the rubber mat?

Originally posted by Darthmagpie@Feb 1 2006, 05:23 PM
Don't want this to fall off.  Still components to be identified.  Thanks