Rogue One - Edrio Two-Tubes


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That's the best I have - unpainted and no scope or leather.

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That looks great. Good weathering job and greeblies. Nice to see someone doing the "correct" gun for Edrio instead of using Benthic's gun.


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Hi can somebody give me the belt size. I mean the box size and how wide is the belt and the front of the belt and diameter for the tubes. Thanks.


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Hi Guys,

Sorry, I've been in hermit mode for a while. My printer, which I had hoped would arrive in March, arrived in October. I've been occupied with a number of other things in the mean time, including a lot of hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing involving the printer itself, but was able to get the below prints done before the PCB on my printer apparently failed. I've gotten in touch with the support desk for my printer, but for now my print & assembly is on hold until i can get my printer up and running again.

I can see a lot of sanding and refinishing in my future, but it's nice to have something tangible in hand, even if it's less than half the helmet.

Here's hoping I can get a replacement part ASAP.

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