Rogue One - Edrio Two-Tubes


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WIP1.jpg WIP2.jpg WIP3.jpg 3a20a837dac78eb10274ceeecce960cc.jpg

Hi Folks,
I've been throwing together some polygons ever since seeing this guy in the second trailer. He strikes me as an interesting project to tackle, but I'm not sure whether I will move ahead with it.

It's still a bit early and as with my last project, there really doesn't seem to be any reference for the back... but what do you think?
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Re: Rogue One - Trailer mercenary - helmet & mask

Mate, it's blokes like you that break new ground and keep this game interesting and always on the improve. Beyond me some of this computer stuff, but once you guys have done all this stuff, give me some steel and a welding gun and I'm away!



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Re: Rogue One - Trailer mercenary - helmet & mask

Thanks! It's really just a lot of time and practice. This is just how i ended up scratching this particular creative itch ;)


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quick post to add profile reference. I wish i had a bigger version of this - will have to pick up Empire's December issue when I have a chance. Also, can't wait to see if the Visual Guide has any good shots!

Roy Batty

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Inkblot, I've been out of the loop for a few days and was trying to catch up on some of the latest pix posted. I ran across this shot of ya guy:


Hoping this might help with the "greeblie madness"....Good luck.


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Thanks guys! Yeah, that last one is a lot clearer - this will help with the greeblies quite a bit. Also, it seems like the lower half is either leather or suede?

Toa Quarax

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Here's another photo (source 1 and source 2):

CzSolufXAAAfxkd.jpg 15306717_237366656694473_7822368213299101696_n.jpg

Also, since it hasn't been posted here yet, here's a Topps trading card from Star Wars: Card Trader (source, but you can probably get a better quality screenshot from the app):


Here's some shots of his blaster probably from when they were packing up the booth at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con International (source):

13913899_1173443406052890_3627205814572560348_o.jpg 13962987_1173443496052881_2284373002276527393_o.jpg 13920262_1173443616052869_2830915932339504553_o (1).jpg 13909342_1173443706052860_4920233172281308087_o-2.jpg 13913899_1173443769386187_2350980849318474827_o.jpg

The blaster looks like it's probably a reused prop from The Force Awakens (source):



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Whish I could work in 3D like you, its fantastic. love it! ... im building up an edrio costume too at the moment. i think i will mold the head out of clay or something.. not 100% shure at the moment.
If you are looking for the tunic cloth and have no idea contact me, i thing i have found it ;)
is there any one who knows which pants these are? i bougth a snow pant at the moment but im not happy with it.


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This is amazing!, i love the look of this character and currently researching parts for him, if all goes to plan would you do a limited sell of it?.. anyways looking amazing! keep it up!
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