robotjox behind the scenes refferences?

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I want to try scratch building some larger scale mechas and thought figured the ones from Robotjox would be a good starting point for articulation. Does anyone know if there is behind the scene footage? i've been trying to come up with ideas for the joints on the mechas so that they're highly poseable yet don't flop around. I remember vaguely a video clip of some guys working on the hero's machine but I don't remember where I saw it.
what about lego 'bionicals" .. a few toy costomisers use them and they are a ball joint that comes in a few varying sizes .. i believe a member called Darth Daniel uses them for ZOID models
if you check out another site (hope im allowed to mention it) .. called "phenotype zoid site" there are some awesome customs by a guy called Maethis using bionicle joints his site is Age of War ..
oh man another site to join. I'm going to take a look as at first glance i can use a lot of the ideas in the help area for other projects.
I have exactly two photos of the robots, but they don't show any mechanical details.

I did try to ID any kitbashed parts the last time I watched it, but I don't recall recognizing any.

The storyline wasn't much but i loved the robots. the other giant robot ones they didn't weren't as good. I'm surprised nobody's made kits of these. I appreciate the pics, they at least give me ideas on articulation. the action figures i'm basing mine off of have no articulation at all.

I found something interesting though i'm not sure how useful it is. I like the joints used on stop motion puppets and found a site on how to make them. I have to see if i can modify them to work on mechas.
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I found a 2 pack on amazon of robot wars and burnout. I think those are the only 3 giant robot movies that company put out. i wish i could find the two live action Front Mission movies from japan.
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