VIDEO: TNG behind the scenes James "Scotty" Doohan interview/ Relics episode


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This first video clip is totally new to me.

I recall reading YEARS ago that only a small wedge of the NCC-1701 bridge set was recreated for TNG "Relics" episode, then redressed and shot from different angles to make the set appear larger. This is some wonderful BTS footage and great (although brief) interview with Jimmy!

The second clip below shows some stills from the set and some discussion.

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I remember this piece, as I have the same reaction to "that's in the Smithsonian". No, it wasn't! Maybe the helm and captain's chair were there for a bit, but never ever the set!
When I saw Jimmy in Sept. of that year he was so excited about that episode!

”I’m in Star Trek!”, yeah I know Jimmy, “No I’m in an Episode of Next Gen!!”, WHAT!!!!!!!!???????? :D

One of the times I am jealous of your experiences, Apollo!

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