Rick Deckard Blade Runner 1982 - Soup to Nuts!


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Thank you!

The collar was a really big sticking point on this jacket. It is a really different shape, and the order of operations is really important for getting the right look. There are a few details on it (shape aside) that aren't on many jackets.

The material is also really key, everyones jackets are FAR too heavy.

Lovely work on the 2049 breakdown! Hoping to do K soon - in far as man hours to construct it, it will be a bear. Maybe even more than the Deckard coat.


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That would be outstanding if you could give the K coat a stab. It's kind of amazing how every coat provider gets something wrong. Frustrated with the inaccurate collar, believe it or not, I actually got the SA (or close to it) collar measurements from an excellent 1:6 (12 inch) figure of Officer K. I measured the collar, then scaled up x 6 and...voilà! I then had a separate collar made with those specs and had a tailor replace the original collar on my coat. Moreover, the shearling was also woefully inaccurate. I managed to source a 'sherpa' type shearling and replace that too. Anyway, more info here if you want to have a gander.
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Not much progress, but I finally got all the buttons/button holes sewn on.


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I really lucked out - two searches and it popped up. Curious about the process of cutting it down (if I decide to!) if anyone has experience with it, let me know!
I know that Pro Mod (Propsummit.com) made those from scratch...I don't recall if he's on the RPF:unsure:

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