Rick Deckard Blade Runner 1982 - Soup to Nuts!


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Little more progress over the holiday weekend here in the US. Worked on the second draft of the blazer - this time trying to integrate the yoke to the sleeves. It was quite challenging and not totally happy with the results, but learned a lot. Still need to add the cuffs!

I decided to fully line this one - including lining the pockets as a warm up for another blazer I will be working on (from Bullit) but left this one pretty unstructured. The material definitely does not lend itself to this, so it looks slouchy, but not purposefully unstructured and slouchy like the screen used one.

I also found the fabric I want to use for the final, but it is very expensive at ~$60 a yard, so it'll be a while until I can save enough spare cash for that.


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I have a 1967 Rolex 5512 with the C&I bracelet... The "Steve McQueen" watch. Fun fact: Other than LeMans, where he had to wear the Heuer, he always wore his 5512 on screen. He also gifted several of them to others back in the late 60's.

Mine is mostly genuine vintage parts, but due to cost considerations, I had to use an aftermarket case (I was outbid well over six grand for an empty mid-case a couple years ago). I'll see if I have some photos and start another thread of "Movie watch replicas".

I also have the first version of the Omega Planet Ocean that Dan Craig wore in the first appearance of that watch.

Sorry for the derail, but I do love the watches!


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Still working on Deckard, but starting another Blade Runner project with Mark as well.

These are temp fabrics, but as with Deckard, I like to use closeish colors and fabrics vs muslin to give myself a better idea about how things will behave and troubleshoot areas that will prove difficult.

I was really intimidated with the shearling, as doing a lining like this will be a first for me but it seems less difficult than I initially suspected (and psyched myself up for)

I have an industrial sewing machine that gives a great stitch quality on most fabrics - but as is pretty common with duck canvas, some of the stitches like to pick a side of the weave, and it isn't super consistent. This seems to be the case with my regular cotton thread and my thicker nylons. I may need to find different needles or thread to get this to reallt stay as neat as I would like (although on photos of the screen used ones it seems like the edges aren't terribly sharp)



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Finally getting cracking on the next mock up on the Deckard trench.

Pretty similar to the last, but the liner is a touch different, and I constructed the collar in a different way. The collar is a bit more rigid, and has a cleaner connection to the body of the jacket. This is in addition to being longer.

The kicker with the collar is that even with the materials change, it likes to shrink up when the top stitching is done. So it is very hard to measure the length accurately

Still needs some things to finish it up : hem, belt, top stitching, button holes, and buttons.

I will be hand stitching all the button holes on this one.

Also very happy with the placement of the collar flap/pocket on this one it lines up almost exactly as it did on the screen used ones


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All hail!!

Absolutely stunning. My jaw dropped liked four times on just this page alone. lol. Love all the fabric choices too. Each one looks spot-on.

You deserve a parade for this one mate. Bravo.


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I've been in and out of this thread for months. I'm just amazed at the level of detail you're putting in to the whole costume. Simply amazing.

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