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I've just received my first prop replica in the form of Doopy Doos resin E-11 blaster kit and I must say I was very surprised by the size and weight of it, not to mention the quality.

Since I have not really worked with resin before I'd like to get some tips from others before I start this.

The most I have done is wash it in detergent to clean off any mold release agent. But should I have soaked it for a period of time or is it okay just to wash it without soaking?

What sort of glue do I use? Any old superglue/cyanoacrylate or is there something better?

And what gauge metal strip have people used for the sight rail?

Any tips/help is welcome.
If you scrubbed it with detergent, that should be sufficient. You may want to go over it with a razor and sandpaper to remove any raised mold lines or surface texture if any. Some of us would look for any noticeable casting pin holes or other shallow areas to fill with some kind of filler at this point too before priming. The true test will be seeing how the primer lays down. Make sure to prime it first before you paint for better results. Some people like to lay down a coat of silver or metallic paint before painting it black to help with weathering the blaster to look used and abused by raising paint to reveal the layer underneath.

I'd recommend 2 part epoxy.

Not sure, but 2mm or 3mm aluminum strip from Home Depot or Lowes would likely work.
I am using 2 part epoxy to glue mine.
I am also drilling and pinning all of the joints as I go along for extra strength.
I had a few pin holes to fill which I did using a 2 part auto body filler and had a bit of filling to do where the folding stock joins.
I have not painted mine yet as it is still being built but any areas which would be concealed during the build are primed and painted and the paints seems to be taking well.

Have fun with it.

Just thought of a new tip.

On my kit where the two bolts are moulded which on the real gun hold the muzzle and end of the barrel in place I had two resin blobs.
I filed mine flat and drilled the centre of them so that they at least look like bolts, I have also seen where people have removed them entirely and replaced them with real allen bolts.

I've been working on my E-11 (albeit very slowly) over the last few weeks and just thought I would post some progress pics. The molded on bolts were just blobs so they had to be removed. They were ground out using my non-dremel and replaced with something looking a whole lot better.

I did make an error though in the attachment of one of the curved pieces at the front of the kit but I'm not too concerned. Besides, I can't change it now so I have to live with.....somehow.


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I did make an error though in the attachment of one of the curved pieces at the front of the kit but I'm not too concerned. Besides, I can't change it now so I have to live with.....somehow.

I wouldn't worry about that mate, it just makes your build unique! You're doing fine so far, it seems to be going realy well. I'd agree that 2 part epoxy is the way to go adhesive-wise.

Keep it up!
I've actually got this kit on its way to me at the moment...I posted on the front page today about the rail and weathering, because I couldn't find anything else using 'search' - I actually found this thread on Google when I was looking for reference pics! I'd appreciate any tips you can provide, as I'm a relative novice to Resin Building..... I've just finished Doopydoops DL-44 and I didnt have to fill a thing, and from the above pics I can see I've gone with the right kit for the E-11.
As far as adhesive, another option is good old E6000, which is easier to use than 2 part epoxy. I've used it on the Doopy Hasbro kit and if you leave it alone for a day or so, it's SOLID - my new favorite adhesive (a year ago I would never have dreamed of having a "favorite adhesive").
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