Researching the history of greeblies/kitbashing for a short YT documentary

Joseph C. Brown

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While doing digging into what donor parts went into what I had assumed was a model engine part on the aft end Space Academy filming miniature was in actuality a burned out vacuum tube (a 'valve' in the U.K.?) from a 1960's-era hi-fi set, likely a 7591 power tube... there is always more to learn!


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Jason of star command had many ILM'ers on model duty, they used lots of stuff including disposable champagne glasses.


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Joseph C. Brown

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I'll be starting a build thread soon over in General Modeling for my 1/2-studio scale Space Academy / Jason of Star Command build; been compiling ref pics and screencaps and stockpiling parts since 2018. Lou Scheimer's book said that he could only afford to hire part the MCA-57 team, and made it plain in a video interview that he had minimal budget to work with. My best guess is that they (Jonathan Erland, Lorne Peterson, and Paul Huston(sp?) )used a fair number of leftover parts from their Star Wars model kit boxes. What I am doing is making screencaps from the dvd set, printing out sections at the scale I am building, and trying match near-equivalent small scale parts to that.


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I sometimes wonder if a project is ‘worthy’ of a particular greeble. I have greebles that I wish I could get someone to scratch a whole hull around…to design tools to cut bottles just so….rump Galaxy class secondary hulls for the deodorant deflector dish thingy…I wish I had a scanner to resize greebles smaller or larger as 3D prints.


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Yep, A bunch of everything I have in boxes in the old shop I never throw anything that looks useable anothe cool ship is the Battle Star the cylon ships and the vipers lot of cool model stuff going on there and yep I see the lemon juicer LOL Keep it going

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