movie models

  1. JAS. Hook Capt

    Haunted Mansion (2003) Gracey Manor Front Elevation

    Hi all, For anybody interested in modeling the haunted mansion manor house from the 2003 movie version with Eddie Murphy, I’ve done my best to draft a front (West) elevation of the home to scale. I was unable to find any plans for this version of the mansion online, so I figured I’d make my...
  2. onebaldman

    How to Build - An Indie Film Spaceship

    Hi! My name is Cameron. I am currently in pre-production for our short film called "Infinitus". I am looking to use miniatures and practical FX mixed with a little SFX. I've been heavily researching scratch builds and kit-bashing, but I am having a really hard time getting started. I went to...
  3. WIlhelmScream

    What is the 'white model process'? (as covered in the Sculpting A Galaxy Limited Edition)

    In the Limited Edition of Lorne Peterson's Star Wars Sculpting A Galaxy book, among the extra features is advertised a 12 page booklet covering the 'white model process': What is this 'white model' process? I have been a long-time fan of movie miniatures but have only recently started making my...