replacement decal sheet?


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I've come across an older model of the lockheed SR-71 Blackbird by 'Italieri'.
The decal sheet seems a little dry and brittle.
My question: what are my options for a replacement sheet?
Can I find one aftermarket? Just the sheet?
I'm sure if I found one in the same scale (1:72), it would be close if not the same as the original, but are there places to find just a decal sheet?
If there are, where would I start?

I will now sit back as all of your wonderful suggestions pour in.
These are the best.. forums.. ever.
Thanks guys!
Ok, I had a discontinued decal for a police helmet, found the right helmet eventually to match and found the decal had gone bad, even had cracks, but was in one piece./ I carefully airbrushed it with some clear acrylic paint (craft water thinning type). It all layed down and when dry for a couple of days I attached it to the helmet, then later clear coated with the same stuff using my airbrush. This was a single 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 decal, I know the SR71 has some narrow red stripes which might be tricky. Cheers....Tom
you could give RObert at a try. He made some custom decals for me and only cost $25, and I even got more than one set. It mght be different with more or less decals though...not sure how he prices things. But they were excellent repros!!
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