Reference Photos for BoBF Luke Lightsaber?


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Hi all, I recently ordered the new weathered TXQ BoBF Luke saber that was designed by Anakin Starkiller and I'm trying to find any available reference photos of the original prop. I know a lot of people have been dialing back some of the weathering on the hilt so I'm just trying to see any references to see how dark the original hilt actually was and if there's any other minor modifications needed to make it more accurate.

I think clocking the pommel is one part as well.

Thanks all.
If anyone by chance has the screen captures from any footage and doesn't mind posting here, would be great.

I'll try to go back through that documentary and see if I can find much.
Are you subscribed to my channel? I go over all of this in my txq overhaul, which they now incorporated in their runs
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Now knowing who FLS89 is..


Better be subscribed…
lol I post so rarely on here that Halliwax didn't know who I was. But yes of course I'm subscribed!

I'm checking out he posts within the Mando thread, sorry I didn't realize they were in that thread.

Kind of my fault, I never started a main thread for it and continued it in starkillers thread since we see him use the rescuer at the same time. We got a ton of screen caps and debate a lot in that thread, enjoy

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