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Red Tails Props?


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I know that this movie is finally reaching distribution after two decades of production but I was wondering if any of the props are coming up for sale soon or were sold in the past?


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The movie hasnt even come out in theaters yet - unless you worked on the film, I bet even money that someone wouldnt be able to tell a Red Tails prop from WWII stuff if it had a sign.

Got to give people a chance to see whats in the film man!


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Back in the day, I knew most of the people who would have worked on a movie like this. But these days there are way too many people for a director to call. I’d love to know who made all that great RAF flight gear (many of the helmets and most of the life vests) and the parachutes. The jackets were pretty well documented, though. As a re-enactor and collector, I’d LOVE to get my hands on some of the uniforms and flight gear, but so far there’s a deafening silence in regards to what happened to it all. I know that most of the set dressing was sold in Europe and many of the vehicles were rentals.
But if someone hears anything, I’m all ears. Much of that flight gear isn’t being made as reproductions for the re-enactor market by anyone. That said, most re-enactors aren’t exactly small people and I think most of the actors run on the smaller sizes so I’d imagine collectors will be the ones to get their hands on the stuff, unlike with what happened to the uniforms and props from “Saving Private Ryan” where a lot of it was sold in bulk and used up by re-enactors in the late 90s.
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