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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by SmilingOtter, Mar 26, 2012.

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    I managed to get a hold of AMT/ERTL's TIE fighter 2-pack a while back, and it's been sitting collecting dust. I recently decided it's time to build at least one of them, and I'd like to have an X-Wing to go with it. Given the size, I'm estimating that the TIE's are roughly 1/52-ish scale, so I'd want to get as close as I can with the X-Wing. I also am not looking to invest a lot of money in the project.

    What kit would you recommend?

    As an alternative, I'm not 100% locked in to having it be an X-Wing, though that would be the classic rivalry and my first choice. An A-Wing or even Y-Wing would do in a pinch, if there's not a reasonably priced X-Wing in a close enough scale.

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    Fine Molds 1:48 X-Wing
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    I purchased a fine molds X wing a few months back. It was my first real model and im really impressed with it. Very easy to put together and to mod, mines in primer atm waiting to have clean up work done. And at 1:48 scale it shouldnt look to bad against the Tie.

    They are kinda pricey though, I think I paid £50 or about all with shipping to the UK off of evilbay. I want to get a TIE now to finish up the display much like what you are doing. The X wing and Tie dog fight is one of the classic images from star wars that I always remember.


    ^^ Beat me to it as I was typing :facepalm ^^
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    I concur, the FineMolds 1/48 X-Wing would be your best bet, given that the AMT TIE is essentially 1/48 as well. I did a similar display myself (using the Death Star display base as a diorama base) and all I had to work with back in the late 1990s was the old crappy MPC snap X-Wing, which was about 1/60 scale. The Revell snap X-Wing is the same size as the old MPC kit (and much better, albeit a pre-paint) while the old MPC glue X-Wing is about 1/41 scale (closer to the size of the new Revell TIE Fighter prepaint).

    Compared to these other X-Wings, the FineMolds kit is the best option in terms of fit, detailing and decals. The Revell Snap X-Wing I would rate as a good second place model, but it is a pre-paint and I hate those flexible pilot figures Revell provides. Plus, you don't get any decals with it if you opt to pre-paint it.
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    Thanks for the replies. Does sound like the FM is the best option (though it's a bit more $ than I had in mind.) I'll probably build the TIE first to see if I still enjoy doing this sort of thing, then if so, I'll pick up the X-Wing.

    And JMC, I'll also investigate the Revell model, just in case. Thanks.
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    The only commercial rebel fighter kis that would fit the scale of the AMT Ties are the MPC/Ertl A wing and the Fine Molds Y-wing.

    The A wing can actually be a nice build with some work. The Fine Molds X wing is the best out of the box option
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    As far as FM being more money I have bought FM kits from several vendors and I think HLJ is the best bet even though the shipping cost a little more it still will be over all cheaper. Here is an example I paid $90 on amazon. From now on I will save till I want to purchase a few an order here!! 1/48 X-Wing | HobbyLink Japan

    Good luck,


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