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Hi everyone, I hope I don't open a big can of worms here but I need some clarification on recasting. I know recasting someone's original work is a big NO, even using parts from someone else's work is taboo. Here is my story (I'll try to keep it short). I want to have my own Golden Fertility Idol and can't afford the great pieces found on here. I am handy and not afraid of doing my own project but I'm not a sculptor. However, I am familiar with casting, I've made replica megalodon teeth from originals in my father's collection.
My thought was to get the bank that shows up once in a while on ebay, fix it up to look screen accurate,make a mold and cast my own replica Idol. I wound up purchasing a“model kit” from coolmodels on ebay because it was cheaper than the bank. I know now that this model is a recast and I think it is a cast of the bank. My wife said why not fix it up and make my own finished replicas to sell on ebay. I'm NOT using this kit I bought to do that but it did raise a question in my mind. If I bought the bank, fixed it to look screen accurate, made a mold and did subsequent castings to finish and sell, is this an acceptable practice or still a form of recasting?
I really don't want to jeopardize my membership on this forum and hope to some day make a prop worthy of showing everyone.
In my opinion. still a form of recasting. don't know about this bank your talking about. but someone put It out for sale. and you would be trying to make money off of there work. a one off single piece for personal use. somewhat of a gray area for me. but acceptable to others.
Thank you for your thoughts. The bank was for sale on Think Geek a long time ago. A google search will bring up references to it. I see your point about making money off of other's work. Even with a lot of modifications, it just doesn't feel right to try and resell.
Making a mold of the ORIGINAL prop would be acceptable. The actual prop used in the movie or TV show.
Making a mold of anything else AND SELLING it would pretty much be recasting.
You can do it for yourself, no problem. Just don't sell it.
ditto to what everyone says. no matter how you slice it in my book RECASTING IS RECASTING. you bought an idol kit and if it is what you think it is, they did the same thing your gonna do. they bought the bank, sculpted, fixed and made it into a kit. spend the money, DIY and be proud. even if its just like 5 others out there and no one likes it or buys it. itleast you learned "how to", grew some skills and you know you got alil respect for your time and effort!! that's better then losing 90,000+ friends.
Just to be clear, my original plan was never to try and resell anything. I just wanted to buy something that I could work on and make my own. I'm actually thinking of doing two, one with a screen accurate finish and a second one in cold cast bronze. It wasn't till my wife posed her question that I even thought about the recasting issue and the question of how much modification is acceptable before it's not considered a recast. You guys just confirmed my feelings that no matter how much mod you do, it was still someone else who's work you built off of so reselling it is just no good. And yes I know it appears the person I bought the kit from is a recaster, I did not know it at the time but I do now and I will not be buying anything more from them.
I often see resin models of the buck rogers starfighter that are clearly made from the corgi die cast toy. That seems pretty cheeky to me
I often see resin models of the buck rogers starfighter that are clearly made from the corgi die cast toy. That seems pretty cheeky to me

While it would not be legal in court, the toy represents an original prop. Recasting it would be acceptable and would not get you banned here. (my opinion)
When it says, cast from a "Tim Ketzer kit" is the ORIGINAL kit offered by a company or by a person?
If a PERSON designed it and sold it directly, then it would be recasting to sell casts. a commercial toy considered a prop and can therefore be cast ? Maybe I'm wrong.
Hmmm... personally I think it is not recasting. To me this is the same as someone modifying a NERF gun to look like a Pulse Rifle and them seling the parts. My opinion...
Half of Etsy would be out of work if they went by that standard. The number of recast items and items made from molding other items is high. Very few "handmade" items contain nothing based on something else.

So, is that supposed to make it okay??? People sell plenty of recast items on Ebay, too. I don't really see what difference that makes.

Just sayin. :unsure
So, is that supposed to make it okay??? People sell plenty of recast items on Ebay, too. I don't really see what difference that makes.

Just sayin. :unsure

It's just a hard line to draw on a soft issue. People selling silicone molds of facehuggers for ice cubes aren't missing out on any profit from a person on Etsy making a few hundred dollars a year making chocolate or soap from those molds. They're also using premixed chocolate from Hersheys or wax from Gulf, and neither of those companies are complaining.

If someone wants to buy a piggy bank, particularly one that is no longer produced, and put in $50 in material and hours of work into making a mold and reproducing it in an altered, solid form in resin, that's their call. If someone else wants to buy someone else's resin copy of an altered piggy bank for $30, or $60, rather than learning the art and doing the work, that's their call, too. The real issue we should be concerned with is stealing the art from other artists and reproducing it.
To be clear, I was just talking about props, here on the RPF. Not commercial items or anything like that. Generally speaking, if we bought a prop in the junkyard from someone's run, for instance, it's never okay under any circumstances to recast it for sale.

From what I thought, the OP was speaking about a prop, so that's what I was relating it to.
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