6' ANH Blockade Runner - Replica Build


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Started this project in late June, not quite done but figured with the New Year, it would be fun to share some progress over the last 6 months and eventually the finished product.
Like the 5' Falcon, I'm attempting to make this as close as possible to the Filmining Miniature as it existed during filming for the Original 1977 Star Wars Movie. There are quite a few differences in how the model looks today and when it's been on display.
I'll try to document most areas of construction, focusing on this first post with the Head and the Radar Dish/Gun bases. As I go along, I'll post construction and current progress of all the other incredible aspects of this awesome design. This project is easily as complex, if not more so in some areas than the 5' Falcon. So far, it's been coming together very well, and hopefully the entire project will be done in a few months.

As always, a project like this could not be possible without the help of a Ton of Friends. The basic structure and design is based off the incredible engineering talents of Charles Adams along with Steve Neisen. Craig Underwood (Tsophika) has been a master at Kit ID's, Ryan Comer (Belleauwood) did a lot of awesome 3D Resin Printing (I mean a LOT), as did Dan Durda (3D Impact) and Jim A. And HUNDREDS of Resin Kit castings from the Blockade Runner 'kit runs' by Mike Salzo, which was created by kit donations from many folks including Jason Eaton, John Sabean, Craig U, and Ed Minto.

My approach to this project is a 2" steel frame armature, then it's built around laser cut acrylic 'cores'. I 3D printed on a Creality most of the 6" body tubes, and all the engine section is laser cut Acrylic. So this thing is HEAVY.

So let's get started.....

Basic Structure:


One of the first assemblies I built was the Radar Dish and gun platforms. The guns are skinned in styrene over 3D printed PLA rings. Radar is a 3D resin printed base, then used kit parts/castings to detail it up:






Next post will show the Head Section.

Thanks for looking!


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So here's the head section. Made it as accurate as possible to the Original - I even inserted the little "ILM Guy" they put in there (in Chronicles Pics), along with the original shrunk 'poster' on the back wall.


And here it is all painted up,


Below are the side caps - just temp installed

And here is a Pic of the Original Filming Miniature on the Left, my build on the right. (Still have a few parts to add)

Next update will get into the body construction.

Studio Kitbash

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Love it -- and really love the radar dish -- such simplexity, such elegance, such an awesome design for the pylons/struts. And your photography skills are equally impressive, something that makes following your threads a double pleasure.


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Most Impressive, detail AND size.....Excellent...!!....:cool:....interetsing to see clear acrylic as a substructure material......


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Awesome work as always Sean...completely by coincidence, I'm actually modelling this ship for printing...and as u say, some parts are every bit as complex as the Falcon


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OH MY, that last pic could be mistaken for a corner of the ILM shop in the day. Fantastic!

The planning and engineering that must have gone in beforehand.... Outstanding!

And so many sub assemblies and parts! :eek:

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