Real Mad Max interceptor


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Thought I'd share this with you guys. This car belongs to a great guy named Mark Scarcelli. Mark is a good bloke and really knows his stuff. Kudos Mark...
As far as I kow it's the only mad max Black on black that is really supercharged and not faked.
He built the car as if Mad Max realy happened.

The real interceptor


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Now that's the way I like to see a movie prop replica, AND a car. I think that has got to be one of the most iconic, bad-arssed cars in film history, not to mention just mean and cool looking.
So where is the car located, and is he offering rides? :)


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I have to agree, the Mad Max Police Interceptor, or even the ragged out Road Warrior, double tank, crashed front-end version is, for me at least, my favorite car prop. If I ever won the lottery, I'd build the Interceptor, then a BTTF Delorean, and Jurassic Park Jeep as a starter collection.


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This may be the oldest necropost I've ever seen.

2,791 days.

7 years, 7 months, and 19 days.


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I for one and glad this thread was brought back to life as I was not around when it was first posted.

I see nothing wrong with commenting in old threads as long as it is not just to pad your post count.


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I've been to see the screen used car in Kendal many times it's pretty much the only reason I go to the museum lol :D


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Apparently it is, the museum closed in 2011 apparently. Yet again a decent collection ends up in the states!! :angry

I thought the screen used Interceptor was in the Dezer Collection in Miami.

Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection | Corporate Party Events Meetings Convention Center | Miami Indoor Attraction

The Dezer Collection :: 1974 FORD FALCON POLICE CAR/MAD MAX -

It was purchased from Cars of the Stars in Keswick, England. The Dezer website is a nightmare to navigate to show much of anything about it.