Re-creating Sapper's cigarette tin (almost...)

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As a follow up to the addition of Luv's blaster to my Blade Runner 2049 collection, I thought it would be nice to add Sapper Morton's Kyriazi Frères cigarette tin with the baby's sock in it that Officer K finds in the piano when he searches the house in the opening sequence of the movie. Similar tins to the one used in the movie do turn up on eBay occasionally, but they're usually quite expensive and of a quite different design.

So I thought the only thing to do to get one that at least passed for the 'real' thing at first glance would be to essentially make one from scratch. I started with this, bought from eBay for a couple of quid (GBP!).

tin-before-2.jpg tin-before.jpg

as well as cheap pair of baby socks (if anyone ever peruses my eBay purchase list they're going to be very confused!). Overall size-wise, the tin is a pretty good match, but it isn't the same shape, being more oblong and slightly deeper than the original, but it was the closest I could find.

This is what I'm shooting for... or as close as I can get.


I did a lot of research to try and track down various shots of the original tin and used a combination of found screenshots and Photoshop to recreate the designs on the top, inside the lid and on the front and back and sides as best I could. Then I edited them to more closely match the dimensions of my tin and printed them onto A5 self-adhesive labels.

The tin was first lightly sanded and then given two or three light coats of AK Interactive Xtreme Metal brass to give it the underlying brass/gold colour of the original tin. Once that had fullt dried I carefully cut out the designs and stuck them in place. The parts of the design that are supposed to be gold were painted over using the same AK Interactive brass. The whole thing was then given several light coats of Vallejo matte varnish and a final dusting of a 50/50 mix of matt and gloss varnish before being set aside to completely dry.

Time to weather it. This was done over a couple of days in multiple layers. I can't remember precisely how many, or in what order, since I did it pretty much by eye, but it involved several sponged on washes using Vallejo black and rust effect washes, and - most important to the final look - several dabbed on layers of AK Interactive medium rust deposits. At several stages during this process there was a light sanding back through the more recent layers and the labels to reveal the earlier layers or, indeed, the first brass layer.

I'm very happy how it came out in the end. The shape isn't accurate, and I think it's a bit too weathered compared to the original... but at least that hides a multitude of other inaccuracies! :lol:

The sock was simply soaked in a cold tea/coffee mix and then rubbed around in the soil of my garden!

DD4C8866-B941-4A99-973C-B6124A837D14.jpeg B9D0FC17-0CD4-4678-9225-A0CC2A0D9D95.jpeg 11EC1F62-FDB7-4518-A774-8BBA4EA1E579.jpeg 59354123-D4F8-4BFF-BD3F-E34C7F163233.jpeg B6465F2E-4DB1-40E6-A7B9-507476775498.jpeg 870ADCC2-0C2F-4ABC-85A8-9AF2297781EE.jpeg 58E2A890-C278-44F0-91EE-720CAC7686FF.jpeg 5654CE53-8322-480E-BD23-F113DB929518.jpeg

And now, on a related note, I have to work out how best to display these little guys! :D

AC3EB683-E93A-4B85-92DE-7F1808A9A394.jpeg 3BC20554-9800-4FFF-9ACF-D4D590C4AAA5.jpeg
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