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Christmas Time!!!

We're getting a new CR-10 printer tomorrow~ and just got an Ender 3 for smaller things last week. If you need unique gifts for Christmas and what not, I've got a mini farm about to happen!

Printer: CR-10 ( a rather big printer )

Actual printing capacity:

10.5 inches X
10.5 inches Y
15~ inches Z

Printer: Ender-3

Actual printing capacity:

8.25 inches X
8.25 inches Y
9.5~ inches Z


100 - 300 microns (0.10 - 0.30 millimeters)

-100 = virtually no print lines, (a MUST for tiny things) Most Expensive
-200 = medium print lines, a couple coats of spray paint hide most lines. Moderate pricing.
-300 = You will need putty, and a good deal of sanding. Cheapest pricing.

How it works:

You email / Google Drive the file to me, I print your project, then ship it out to you!

Pricing and Payment

I found a pretty awesome calculator that gives a general idea. Some of the instant quotes came out insanely overpriced. For instance, a Black Panther helmet model I have said it would cost $270. So obviously I wouldn't actually charge that. It is useful though if you want to check out a possible price yourself instead of waiting on me to reply. General rule of thumb, a "Full head helmet" would be about $100

NO ORDER MINIMUM. You order it, I make it.

Please follow the minimum guideline and make sure price per gram is 0.15 not 0.30 (cheaper for you)
The lowest quality I will print is 300 microns with .15 infill. You can lower microns to maximum quality of 0.1 millimeters.
Do not lower Infill beyond 0.15. Only increase it (more strength and better layer adhesion)


Shipping will not cost an arm and a leg. Maximum shipping anywhere will be $10. I will ship it with the cheapest, fastest, and most secure method possible.


PayPal to

Email for immidiate communication at

If you need something scaled to you, no extra charge for that. But I will need your measurements.
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This is great! Thx for posting this.

Question- if I wanted something small printed, but don’t have a way to scan it, could I mail it out to you?

Never occurred to me, but I wonder how many members here scan/print professionally and/or as a hobby...

I personally don't have a scanning device. I haven't really thought about investing into that since I just 3d model stuff from scratch.

I'm sure there are members on here that can! I just don't know who could.

I can potentially recreate it if you send me a picture or something. I'll have to look around for a reasonable price to charge that isnt insane lol
Thanks again for the orders so far everyone! We had to set my dad up in a hotel for the moment. He's a Respiratory Therapist at a VA hospital in GA. He's working with COVID-19 positive patients.
Thanks again for the orders everyone! They're really helping with bills!!

Recent prints at 200 microns


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Just wanted to throw in some pics for a project The Prop Lord helped me out with! Great service and a great quality print at a super fair price. He also did the finishing for me which was really excellent as well! If you need 3D print services, he's your guy!


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We're getting a new CR-10 printer tomorrow~ and just got an Ender 3 for smaller things. If you need unique gifts for Christmas and what not, I've got a mini farm about to happen!

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