Best Hellboy (2004) Samaritan 3D model for printing


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Can anyone provide suggestions/advice on the best overall 3D model of Hellboy's Samaritan from the 2004 movie for printing?

To head off the obvious suggestion, I already have one of the Tip Top Workshops resin kits (and it's amazing) but I'm looking at this as a future project to try either Copper/Nickel Electroplating or Aluminium Lost-Wax casting... or maybe both!! The Tip Top model is a really clean and functional design, but the STL is not available for purchase AFAIK

I don't really want to risk screwing up my Tip Top kit with electro-plating and I need to resin print the model in Casting resin if I want to do a cast metal version.
So I'm looking at the best available model. Happy to pay a (reasonable) fee for the files.

I've found a number of files online but it's sometimes hard to tell about functional details, and ideally I want one with:
1) moving/spring-action trigger
2) functional break action to expose the chambers
3) spinning/rotating cylinder
4) separate pieces/files for grip. medallion etc to allow for printing in different materials

Nice to have: moving/spring-action hammer, and an open barrel/bore.
(I'll apologise now for my ignorance of firearm terminology, I googled as best I could to work out the names of things LOL)

Current options I've found:
Good Samaritan 1.0: Hellboy by Droidronaut (free, I think it meets most of the criteria except the barrel is solid, & I'm not 100% sure if the cylinder spins)
3D Printable Hellboy's Handgun - Good Samaritan by christian.c (free, very simplified model, minimal functional parts apart from the break action)
Samaritan Revolver from the movie Hellboy 2004 | 3D model (looks like it's one solid piece, possibly designed/rigged for animation)
Samaritan Revolver from the movie Hellboy 2004 (looks like a very comprehensive model with lots of moving parts. Only one review, that says it's too complicated and doesn't hold together well)

Anyone printed any of these and can advise on quality/functionality? Or have other suggestions?
Files will be printed on a resin printer for maximum quality.

Appreciate any advice
I did a mashup of various Free files. it works well enough (pic enclosed) but a bit small. I know that the Patreon, Lilykill has a really nice one done with barrel break and shells. Though I don't think the trigger moves.


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