Rancor Gate Control Build (Mark Worley version)


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According to the postmark on the box, I got this on May12, 2008.
It was made by Mark Worley, who also made a Logan's Run flamegun that used green magician's paper for the effect.
He also made an ANH Solo blaster that, IIRC, MR used as a starting point.

It came with 3 resin parts: plate, round edged frame and switch plate; and 3 fluted, amber light domes w/ a knurled edged base.

Looking at the 3 frames we have as reference, I didn't see a fluted dome, but rather a smooth dome.

Also, the base of the domes seemed smooth to me.
Therefore I purchased 3 smooth domes, and replaced the base w/ scratch-built capped tubes.
IMG_1025 copy.JPG

I wanted this to be on 24/7 because, why not?
It could also act as a nightlight, but not bright enough to read by.
The pre-wired 9v-12v, water clear, warm, white LEDs I had on hand were too bright at 12v,
so I eventually settled on 3v from a regulated power supply. It was easier for me to vary the voltage than experiment w/ resistor values.

Also, I sprayed the LEDs w/ matte clear to further disperse the light. I tried lightly sanding them, but that didn't work out.
The paint was smooth and even, sanding not so much.

It was important to use a regulated PS as voltage outputs can range as high as 3 or 4 volts above the stated output.
Had I used one of those, of which I have a lot, it'd have taken much more time to get the brightness to my liking.
(if anyone needs a power supply, I might have what you need)

The switch is a pushbutton STDP, CES 66-2460-1PK, which means the current is constantly on.
The middle contact is ground, with the dual LEDs in parallel on one side, the single LED the other.
CES 66-2460-1PK switch 01.png

Much grinding of resin ensued to allow the switch be mounted close to the face.

I used a chain I had as a means to hang it on the wall, and ran the power cable through the wall from the closet it is hung next to.
Daytime I have 2 lights on and at night only one, again as a nightlight.

I saw this as a dark blue. Is it? I don't know for sure, but why not?
Until a BTS color photo pops up I'm going to keep it this color.


Light weathering was done w/ acrylics, as that allowed me to wipe away any mistakes.

All in all, I'm satisfied w/ how this turned out, even if the domes and color turn out to be wrong.
At night you can't tell:)



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You’ve done an outstanding job on this! The domed light lenses look spot on as does the paint and weathering. Yeah, I’d stick with the existing color on the body unless you find a better reference pic. Very cool


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Thanks, I appreciate the compliments.

The toughest part of adding the lights was finding a properly sized switch.
I posted the part number of the one I used.
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