Quick, easy & cheap upgrade for your Playmates TOS communicator


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I have two, one I got off Ebay for $3.25 recently, the other from a convention back in the 90's, so I played with the cheap one & found that simply removing the belt clip (It screws into place from the inside) & painting the little faux holes with a Sharpie ultra fine tip black pen (I was gonna drill them open, but found the holes on the front & back of the antenna were not aligned, and that would have created a mess that I'm not willing to deal with for a crapizoid communicator) change the thing from a somewhat laffable toy to a fairly decent semi-prop.




I left the small raised connection on the back on in case I want to reattach the clip for historical or selling purposes, but it can easily be removed & the screw holes & battery compartment dummy arrows filled in.:lol

Jut a tip.
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